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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application for Grant/Renewal of Certificate of Registration to Operate Motor Transport Services

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Form Details
StateAndaman and Nicobar Island
DepartmentDepartment of labour
TitleApplication for Grant/Renewal of Certificate of Registration to Operate Motor Transport Services
Document Size9.0 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
FORM NO. I (See rules 4& 8) APPPLICATION FOR GRANT/RENEWAL OF CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION 1. Name of motor transport undertaking. (i) Full address of the Headquarters of the undertaking (ii) Full address/addresses, of each of the Units of the undertaking 2. Full address to which communications relating to the motor transport undertaking including its various units should be sent. 3. Nature of motor transport service e.g, passenger service, freight service. 4. Details of routes. Form to Distance Total No. of trips per day Total K.M. per day No. of vehicle in the route Passenger Freight service service 5. Total number of motor transport vehicle on the last date of the preceding year (with particulars of registration number of the vehicle) ........ 6. Maximum number of motor transport workers employed on day during the preceding year ......... 7. Full name of the employer and his residential address. .......... 8. Full name and residential address of other partners if the motor transport undertaking is a firm within the meaning of the Indian partnership Act,1932. (Central Act IX of 1932) or other directors in the case of a company within the meaning of companies Act, 1956 (Central Act I of 1936) ....... Amount of Fee Rs (Rupees (Paid in Treasury vide chalan No. enclosed) Signature of employer This form should be completed in ink in block letters or typed. Date.
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