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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download All EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND(pf/epf/epfo)forms and instructions here

S.No. Form Name Form Description
1 Form 13(Revised) For transferring the Provident Fund account of a member from one establishment to another establishment covered under the act / scheme. Preview and download form
2 Form 14 Application for financing a life insurance policy out of Provident Fund account.
3 Form 19 To be submitted by a member to withdraw his Provident Fund dues on leaving service/retirement/termination.
4 Form 20 In the event of death of member, this form is to be used by a nominee / family member to claim the member's Provident Fund accumilation.
5 Form 31 For the use of Provident Fund members to avail advances / withdrawals as provided in the scheme.
6 Form 10-C For claiming : - Refund of Employer share. - Withdrawal benefit - Scheme certificate for retention of membership
7 Form 10-D To be submitted by the first claimant i.e.
- member or widow/widower or
- orphan or - nominee as the case may be
8 Pensioner Certificate Includes Life Certificate and Certificate of non remarriage
9 Form 2 Nomination and declaration form for unexempted/exempted establishments
10 Form 5(P.S.) The employees' provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 36(2) (a)) and the employees' pension scheme, 1995 (PARA 20(4))
11 Form 5(I.F.) To be preferred by the person eligible to receive the Employees' Provident Fund dues of the deceased member who died while in services.
12 Statement IW - 1 Statement of Employees qualifying for membership as International Workers
13 ASR

Advance Stamped Receipt

14 Form 3A

The employees' provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 35 & 42) and employees' pension scheme, 1995 (PARA 20)

15 Form 5A

The employees' provident fund scheme, 1952 (PARA 36-A). The employees' family pension scheme, 1971 (PARA 16) The employees' Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976 (PARA-1)

16 Form 6A

The employees' provident fund scheme, 1952 The employees' pension scheme, 1995

17 Form 9(Revised)

The employees' provident funds scheme, 1952 (PARA 36(1)) and the employees' pension scheme, 1995 (PARA (20).

18 Form 12A

Employees' provident fund and misc. provision act, 1952

19 Challan

Employees' provident fund organization combined chalan of A/C. No. 1,2,10,21 and 22

20 Form BN

Form for Allotment of BN

S.No. Document Name
1 EPFO General FAQ
2 EPFO online status check procedure/list of all EPFO websites
3 EPF FAQ- Availing Benefits
4 Instructions for sending application to Employees' Provident Fund
5 common reasons cited by EPFO for rejection of provident fund applicationforms
6 EPFO Advance & Withdrawal Provisions
7 EPF claim-withdrawal provisions
8 EPF Act, 1952
9 All India Comprehensive EPFO Office Address cum Officers Directory(90 pages)
10 All India EPFO Employees Directory
11 EPFO RTI Officer Directory

General Provident Fund(EPFO) Queries

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