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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Transportation of Old Timber

Download forms for state: Andhra Pradesh
Form Details
StateAndhra Pradesh
DepartmentDepartment of forest
TitleApplication Form for Transportation of Old Timber
Document Size10.6 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
Application form for transportation of old timber To The Divisional Forest Officer, ................ 1. Name of the applicant 2. Father's/Husband's Name 3. Age 4. Complete postal address (for correspondence) i. House No. & Street or Mohalla ii. Name of village/town iii. Mandal and Distt. With Pin Code 5. Ref. Of E.C's Photo-identity card and Ration - Card. 6. Location/address of the house from where old-timber is to be removed and transported, Enclose location. 7. Sketch photograph/s of the house at 6, before dismantling the same, showing old timber (Mention number of photographs duly attested by a G.O. or Notary, enclosed) 8. Estimated quantity of timber proposed to be transported. 9. Documentary evidence in support of genuineness of the origina of timber, viz, old T.Ps, cash bills etc. (Mention number of documents attached). 10. When was the above timber purchased or procured? By who and from whom and Pass port size photo duly attested by G.O. or a Notray from whom? 11. How old is the house mentioned at 6? And since how long the applicant has been staying there? Attach G.P. Sarpanch/M.R.Os certificate to this effect. 12. Where does the applicant want to transport the old-timber to ? complete postal address of the place. 13. Documentary proof in support of having purchased or acquired the land in question at 12 above. 14. Estimated quantity of timber required in construction at (12) above, as per the plan. 15. Whether the applicant wants to use the timber as such or convert the same into sizes? Check -slip (To be accompanied with the file for grant of permission of transport of old timber as per the PCCF's Circular No. 14/95) 1. Name of the applicant Address Village/town 2. Has the applicant furnished complete postal address of i. his own, ii. that of the old timber where from it is to be removed? 3. a) Has applicant furnished his/her pass port size photo? b) Is the photograph attested by a Gazatted Officer or Notary? (Where it exceeds 5.0 cmt involving teak/redsander) 4. i) Has the applicant furnished ref.No.of E.C.'s Photo-Identity card and/or Ration card? ii)Has/have the same been verified with originals? 5. Has the location sketch of the house, where from old-timber is to be removed furnished? 6. Have the photographs of above house been furnished and their number (when it exceeds 2.0 cmt involving teak/Red sander) 7. What is the estimated quantity of timber in the above house? (species wise) 8. Has the applicant furnished any documentary proof, regarding the age of house mentioned above? What is it? 9. Has the applicant furnished documentary proof regarding the origin of timber? What is it/these? 10. Since when the applicant is staying in the above house? What documentary support is furnished in support of the same? 11. Has the applicant furnished complete postal address of the destination and its location sketch? 12. Is the property (land) at destination is owned by the applicant him/herself? 13. If so at 12, i. Has the applicant produced attested copy of the sale deed of the above property? ii. Has the same been verified with original by D.F.O.? 14. Date of inspection of the old timber by F.R.O. 15. Date of inspection of the old timber by D.F.O. 16. Date of inspection of the site at destination by the concerned D.F.O. (FSP). If teak/Red Sander timber exceeds 2.0 cmt. 17. Is D.F.O. satisfied regarding the information furnished by applicant, with regard to a. Genuineness of the reason for shifting the old timber? b. Genuineness of the timber being old and pertaining to applicant? 18. Has the applicant furnished photographs of the old-timber during dismantling? (If over 2.0 cmt of teak/red sander included) 19. Is the panchnama of extricating old timber conducted by concerned Section Officer? Quantity of timber extracted? Where teak yegisa, Red Sander, Yepi involved. 20. Data/s of inspection of old-timber after extrication by (Where over 2.0cmt involved) a. F.R.O. b. Sub-DFO/DFO. 21. Specific Recommendation of the D.F.O. (Quantity of timber to be specified with species) Date: Station: Signature of the D.F.O.
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