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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Notifying changes in Value Added Tax Registration Details

Download forms for state: Andhra Pradesh
Form Details
StateAndhra Pradesh
DepartmentCommercial Taxes Department
TitleApplication Notifying changes in Value Added Tax Registration Details
Document Size312.8 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
FORM VAT 112 APPLICATION NOTIFYING CHANGES IN VAT REGISTRATION DETAILS [ See Rule 13 ] 01.Tax Office Address: 2(a).Name : Address: Present Proposed With effect from 03 Change in Name; Present Proposed With effect from 05 Change in address of Branches/ godowns: Present Proposed With effect from ( Use separate sheet to furnish the details of new persons & outgoing persons as applicable) With effect from 07 Applied for CST Registration * Use additional sheets wherever space provided is not sufficient 60 08 My business activities/ Principal Commodities traded have changed in the following respect: a) Change in Business activities :___________________________ b) Principal Commodities now traded are: ______________________________ 09 a) I commenced executing works contact for the State Government/local authorities from b) I stopped executing works contact for the State Government / local authorities from 10 My new Bank account details are herewith furnished Bank Name:-_______________________________________________ Branch Name & Code :-_______________________________________________ Account Number:-________________________________________________ FOR OFFICE USE 12 Date of Receipt of Form VAT 112 13 Date of issue of VAT 110 (liability for new VAT registration) (in case of proposal in box 6) 14 Date of issue of VAT 105 (VAT Registration Certificate) (in case of proposals in boxes 3,4,5 & 7) 15 Date of recording in VAT registration and in the VAT Dealer file. ASST. COMMERCIAL TAX OFFICER, COMMERCIAL TAX OFFICER, PROCESSING AUTHORITY, VAT REGISTERING AUTHORITY, __________________CIRCLE. __________________CIRCLE. 61
Last Updated on Friday, 17 December 2010 05:30

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