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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Trade Licence

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Form Details
TitleApplication Form for Trade Licence
Document Size49.1 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
APPLICATION FORM FOR TRADE LICENCE To, The Commissioner, Guwahati Municipal Corporation, Guwahati. Sir, The undersigned applicant/s beg to state that I/we want to start / already starting the under mentioned trade within the Guwahati Municipal Corporation area .I/we would therefore request you kindly to issue a new/renewal trade licence for the year........... as required under the Provisions of G.M.C Act. Necessary particulars are furnished below for consideration of the trade licence. 1. Name of trade / shop : 2. Full name and add. Of the trade : 3. Father / Husband's name : 4. Present age : 5. For what trade licence is sought for : 6. Location of the trade premises ( a ) House No. ( b ) Name of the road / Bye lane ( c ) ward No. 7. Boundaries of the trade premises ( a ) East ( b ) West ( c ) North ( d ) South 8. Full name & add. of house owner : 9.(a) Licence No. & date in case of old trade : (b) Date of starting in case of new trade : 10.(a) Rent of trade premises : (b)Approximate rent in case of own house: 11. Particulars of godown and rent if any : 12. For which year the licence is sough for : 13. Annual income : 14 Amount of income Tax if paid : 15. Capital investment. : I / we Sri.......................do hereby solemnly affirm and declare that the foregoing statements made in the application form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I shall abide by the rules and regulations frame from time to time under the provisions of G. M. C. Act . 1969. I shall not claim ownership or title over the trade premises on the basis of this trade licence I shall also pay to the GMC necessary fees regularly. Yours faithfully, Signature of the Applicant/s FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Granting of licence to ...... for carrying out business of ......for the year..... to......on payment of licence fee @ of Rs....PA and fine Rs......total being Rs......may be considered. Trade licence granted/rejected. Signature of the Licence Officer, G.M.C. Commissioner, G.M.C Receiving the amount of Rs.........as above mentioned vide receipt No.......dt........ Collector, G.M.C
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