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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Tax Deduction at Source for Income Chargeable Under Salaries - Form No.16

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TitleTax Deduction at Source for Income Chargeable Under Salaries - Form No.16
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FORM NO.16 ( See Rule 31 (1) (a) Certificate under section 206 of the Income Tax 1961 for tax deduction at source from income chargeable under the head "SALARIES" Name and address of the Employer Name and designation of the Employee PAN/GIR No. TAN PAN/GIR No. TDC Circle where Annual Return/Statement under section 206 is to be filed Period FROM Assessment Year TO DETAILS OF SALARY PAID AND ANY OTHER INCOME AND TAX DEDUCTED 01. Gross Salary Rs. 02 Less: Allowance to the extent exempt under section 10 Rs. 03. Balance (1-2) Rs. 04. Deductions : a) Standard Deduction Rs.20,000/­b) Entertainment allowance Rs. c) Tax on employment Rs.2,220/­05. Aggregate of 4 (a to c) Rs. 06. Income chargeable under the head "Salaries" (3-5) 07. Add: Any other income reported by the employee 08. Gross total income (6-7) Rs. Rs. Rs. 9. Deduction under Chapter VI-A Gross Amount Qualifying Amount Deductable Amount (a) Rs...... Rs.... Rs... (b) Rs..... Rs.... Rs.... © Rs..... Rs...... Rs... (d) Rs..... Rs..... Rs... 10. Aggregate of deductable amountRs under chapter VI-A 11. Total income ( 8-10 ) Rs. 12. Tax on total income Rs 13. Rebate and relief under Chapter VIII (i) Under section 88 Gross Amount Qualifying Amount Tax Rebate/ Relief (Please specify) a) G.P.F. Rs.Rs...... b) G.I.S. Rs.Rs..... c) Accrued Interest Rs.....Rs...... d) on NSC Rs.Rs...... e) Rs.... Rs..... f) Total (a) to (e) Rs Rs..... Rs. (ii) Under Section 88A Gross AmountQualifying Amount (Please specify) a) Rs.... Rs..... b) Rs..... Rs.... c) Total (a + b) Rs... Rs..... Rs.... (iii) Under Section 89 ( attach details ) 14. Aggregate of tax rebates and reliefRs. at 13 above ( I(f) + ii© + iii ) 15. Tax payable ( 12-14 ) and surcharge thereon Rs. 16. Less: Advance Tax paid under section 210 Rs. 17. Tax payable/refundable ( 15-16 ) Rs. DETAILS OF TAX DEDUCTED AND DEPOSITED INTO CENTRAL GOVT. ACCOUNT AMOUNT DATE OF PAYMENT NAME OF BANK AND BRANCH WHERE TAX DEPOSITED 1., .......... By book transfer, under the head of A/c.'0021' 3. .......... By Income Tax Challan deposited into .... .......... Advance Tax paid. Certified that a sum of Rs. (in words). ...........) only.has been deducted at source and paid to the Central Government. Further certified that the above information is true and correct as per records. Place :-. Signature of the person responsible for deduction of tax Date : - Full Name--- Designation ACTION POINTS 1. This certificate should be obtained even from an employer whose service the assessee has left. It should preferably be obtained even where no tax has been deducted at source from the assessee's salary. 2. The certificate should be filed along with the return of income for the relevant. 3. The certificate can be issued by the employee on his letterhead or an ordinary paper. 4. The certificate is to be issued within one month from the close of the financial year.
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