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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Hindu Marriage Registration Certificate

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Form Details
DepartmentChandigarh Administration
TitleHindu Marriage Registration Certificate
Document Size307.3 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
Form of Hindu Marriage Registration Certificate (S-D) {See Rule 6 (ii) } 1. Name of the applicant : 2. Date which application for registration is made : 3. Date of Marriage : 4. Place of Marriage : DETAILS WITH REGARDS OF BRIDEGROOM AND BRIDE 5. Name of Bridegroom : 6. Father's Name : 7. Usual place of residence : 8. Full address : 9. Age at the time of marriage : 10. Civil conditions at the time of : marriage whether unmarried, widow or divorcee 11. Name of Bride : 12. Father's Name : 13. Usual place of residence : 14. Full address : CHANDIGARH ADMINISTRATION MARRIAGE BUREAU CHANDIGARH e-JAN SAMPARK 15. Age at the time of marriage 16. Civil condition at the time of marriage, whether unmarried, widow or divorcee : : Ragister No. __________________ Sd/- Date _________________________ REGISTRAR (UNDER HINDU MARRIAGE ACT) CHANDIGARH Certificate that the above which contains entries from Serial No. 1 to 1 6 regarding Bridegroom and Bride is true and extract of will the entries in Hindu Marriage Register maintained in this office REGISTRAR (UNDER HINDU MARRIAGE ACT) CHANDIGARH e -JAN SAMPARK : Information Gateway of Chandigarh Administration Page : 2 of 2
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