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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Self Assessment of Property Tax Return

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Form Details
DepartmentMunicipal Corporation
TitleSelf Assessment of Property Tax Return
Document Size27.2 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Self-assessment of Property Tax form/ Return Please read the self-assessment booklet before filling this Property Tax form/ Return. Part I General Information (to be filled in BLOCK-LEETERS) (to be filled by office) P.ID.No.______________ 1. Year of Assessment: 3. Name of the owner Mr./Ms.: (b) Age: yrs. (c ) (9): Working retired 6. Contact No.: - Tel (Off.): (Resi.): E.mail (optional) 7. Address of the Property: (a) SCO/SCF/Booth No.: (b) Sector: 9. Details of Site: ­ (a) Total area of plot in sq.ft.: (a) Built up area in sq.ft. 10. Please (9) the correct Box: Vacant Built Residential Non-residential Both Residential & Non-Residential Portion of Resi.Building used as Commercial 11. Total Area: - Floor Year of Construction Area in sq.ft. Tenanted/ Self- occupied Residential & Non-residential (b) Total Vacant area in sq.ft. 12. Details of Tax paid: - The cheques/ DD may be drawn in favour of "Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh" payable at Chandigarh. Tax due: Tax paid: Balance if any : 13. Details of Cheques/DD No.: Date: Drawn on Bank: 14. Appeals preferred: - Name of the authority with whom the appeal is pending. 15. Date of the filling of Appeal: Case No.: (Signature of the assessee) Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Part -II Assessment of Property Tax Assess your property for the year______________ as per rates given in Annexure- I (refer to the notes in the said Annexure). 3. Property Identification No.: ­ (a) SCO/SCF/Booth etc No. (b) Sector: ( c) Locality: (d) Village: (e) Any other Identification: 4. Zone as per Annexure (4) or (5) 5. Calculation of ARV: ­ (a) Built up Area: - (b) Vacant Area Floor Area in sq.ft. Rate Total Basement Ground floor Ist Floor IInd Floor IIIrd Floor IVth Floor Vth Floor 6. Total 5(a)+(b) ___________X12 = _______________ 7. Deduct 10% of col. 6 as repair _______________ = _________________ 8. Total ARV _________________ 9. Rounded of near multiple of 100(net taxable ARV) _________________ 10. Tax payable @ ____% __________________ 11. Fixed Rate of Tax@ Rs.__________p.m. __________________ 12. Rebate at the Rate of _________________ 13. Tax Paid _________________ (Signature) I am herewith enclosing Property Tax of Rupees _______________(Rs. In words ____________________________________________________________________________). Payable by me for the full year/half year by Cheque/DD No.________________________ dated_______________. The balance payable is Rs._________________which I shall pay before 31st of Oct__________. I certify that the particulars furnished in this form have been duly filled up by me and the details furnished are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I am also aware of the general condition No.6 of the Self- assessment Scheme that prescribes penal action for filing in correct/ false property particulars. Date: (Signature) _____________________ (Name in Block Letters)
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