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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Transfer of Allotment of Dwelling Unit

Download forms for state: Chandigarh
Form Details
DepartmentChandigarh Housing Board
TitleTransfer of Allotment of Dwelling Unit
Document Size41.2 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
FORM - XXVIII APPLICATION FORM FOR-TRANSFER OF ALLOTMENT OF DWELLING UNIT Dwelling Unit No_______________Category ____________ Sector___________ 1. A. Name of Allottee B. Name of Father/Husband C. Correspondence Address 2. Permanent Address 2. Allotment/Re-allotment Letter No. 3. Consideration as per Allotment Letter 4. A. Name of Applicant/GPA. B. Name of Father/Husband C. Correspondence Address D. Permanent Address E. Number & Date of Registration of GPA 2. Place where GPA is Registered 5. A. Name of Applicant/Sub attorney B. Name of Father/Husband C. Correspondence Address D. Permanent Address E. Number & Date of Registration 2. Place where Sub attorney is registered 6. Whether the applicant is Ist Sub-attorney ? If not, whether he/she is the last Sub-attorney and if so, the number of Sub-attorney ? 7. Whether the GPOA executed by the above said allottee or by any of the Sub-attorneys appointed thereunder has been cancelled/revoked ? 8. Whether the executant(s) of the Ist GPOA and all the subsequent attorneys, if any , appointed under the GPOA are alive ? 9. Whether lease/conveyance deed in respect of dwelling unit has been executed in favour of the allottee ? 10. Whether the dwelling unit is free from all encumbrances like mortgage? If mortgaged, whether NOC from mortgagee has been obtained ? 11. Particulars of deposits of processing fee: Amount : Rs. ____________ Bank Draft No. _________________ Dated __________Drawn on (Bank Name) _______________ 12. Certified that:- a) No litigation is pending in respect of dwelling unit. b) That there is no unauthorised construction as per plan approved. * * c) The dwelling unit is not mortgaged with any person/organisation. OR The dwelling unit stands mortgaged in favour of ------------------------- and the said mortgagee has issued No Objection Certificate for the transfer of the dwelling unit in the name of the applicant. e) Neither the allotment of dwelling unit has been cancelled nor any cancellation proceedings are pending on account of furnishing false affidavit/ concealing material facts by the original allottee for obtaining allotment of dwelling unit or for any other reason. f) The applicant or his/her spouse or any of his/her minor children does not own on free hold or lease hold or on hire purchase basis a residential plot or house in the U.T. of Chandigarh or in any of the Urban Estates of Mohali or Panchkula. 13. Certified further that all the information furnished in this Application Form is true to my knowledge and nothing has been concealed therein. If the information furnished by me in the above Application Form or furnished later on is found to be false at any stage or that any material information has been suppressed which makes the applicant ineligible for transfer of allotment of dwelling unit, the Chandigarh Housing Board shall have the right to cancel the allotment/transfer of dwelling unit made by it in my favour on the basis of the information furnished in the Application Form and the accompanying affidavit, and shall also have the right to forfeit the entire amount already paid by me to the Chandigarh Housing Board as also subsequently in respect of the dwelling unit in addition to the penal consequences under the law. APPLICANT/TRANSFEREE DATE : * * Strike off whichever is not applicable.
Last Updated on Friday, 17 December 2010 05:30

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