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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Delhi–Department:Election — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Delhi
S.No.Form Name
1 Application for Postal Ballot
2 Appointment of Counting Agents
3 Appointment of Election Agent
4 Ballot Paper Account
5 Election to the Delhi Municipal Corporation
6 List of Challenged Votes
7 List of Contesting Candidates
8 List of Tendered Votes
9 List of Validly Nominated Candidates
10 Nomination Paper for election to Municipal Corporation of Delhi
11 Notice of Nomination
12 Notice of Withdrawal
13 Notice of Withdrawal of Candidature
14 Public Notice of Election
15 Result Sheet of Election Commission
16 Return of Election
17 Revocation of Appointment of Counting Agent
18 Revocation of Appointment of Polling Agent
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