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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Delhi–Department:Transport Department — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Delhi
S.No.Form Name
1 Application For a Contract Carriage Permit
2 Application For A Goods Carrier Permit
3 Application For a Permit In Respect of a Particular Stage Carriage
4 Application for A Private Service Vehicle Permit
5 Application For a Temporary Permit
6 Application for Grant of National Permit
7 Application for Grant of No Objection Certificate
8 Application for Grant of Permit in Respect of Tourist Vehicle
9 Application for Issue of International Driving Permit
10 Application for Issue/Renewal or Duplicate of Conductors License/Badge
11 Application for License to Drive a Motor Vehicle
12 Application for Making an Entry of Agreement of Hire/Purchase/lease/Hypothecation Subsequent to Registration
13 Application for Refusal to Renew a Certificate of Fitness
14 Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle
15 Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle by or on Behalf of a Diplomatic/Consular Officer
16 Application For Renewal Of Permit/Countersignature
17 Application for Renewal of Registration of a Vehicle
18 Application Form for Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle
19 Application Form for Renewal of Driving License
20 Application Form for the Grant or Renewal of Learner's Licence
21 Application Form for the Registration of a Motor Vehicle
22 Certificate of Registration of A Motor Vehicle Belonging To A Diplomatic or Consular Officer
23 Conductors Licence
24 Form Of Assignment of New Registration Mark on removal of a vehicle to another state
25 Form of Medical Certificate for A Conductor
26 Form of Permit of Private Service Vehicles
27 Format of Medical Certificate for License
28 Grant of Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit
29 Intimation of Changes of State of Residence And Application For Assignment of Fresh Registration
30 Intimation of loss or destruction of licence and application for duplicate
31 Intimation to change address recorded in the Certificate of Registration
32 Issue of A Fresh Certificate of Registration In The Name of The Financier
33 Learner's Licence Application Form
34 Learner's License
35 License to Engage in the Business of Imparting Instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles
36 Loss or Destruction etc. of Certificate of Registration & Application of Issue of a Duplicate
37 Medical Certificate for Availing Leaner's Licence
38 National Capital Territory of Delhi Temporary Permit
39 Notice of Termination of Hire/Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation
40 Permit in Respect of a particular state carriage
41 Permit In Respect of Reserve or Stage Carriage
42 Private Goods Carriers Permit
43 Public Goods Carriers Permit
44 Receipt of Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Fitness of a Transport Vehicle
45 Renewal of License to Engage in the Business of Imparting Instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles
46 Respect of Reserve Stage Carriage
47 Road Tax Verification Certificate
48 Temporary Certificate of Registration
49 Transfer of ownership in the name of the person succeeding the possession of the vehicle
50 Transfer of Ownership of A Motor Vehicle
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