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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Fresh Arms License

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Form Details
DepartmentPolice department
TitleApplication Form for Fresh Arms License
Document Size163.5 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
SCHEDULE - III Form No. F-A-01 Application form for Fresh Arms License Write in English and CAPITALS. Use only Blue/Black Ball Point Pen. One character in one Box. Do not write outside the boxes. SAMPLE How to fill the Form : Tick inside the appropriate Box only. Male Female Date of Application Licence No. (ISO 9001:2000 Certified) PART - A Identity of applicant Mr. Ms. 1. Name 2. Father's/Husband's / Mother's Name : 3. (a) Place of Birth : (b). Nationality : 4. Date of Birth in Christian era : In Figures (dd mm yyyy) : (with documentary proof) In words (capital letters): ....................................... 5. Present Address : Residing since : Nearest Police Station of Present address: Telephone: Office: Residence: Mobile: Fax: E-mail:_____________________________________________________ 6. Permanent Address : Nearest Police Station of permanent address : 7. Occupation (Professional/Business/Govt. service/Private service/Doctor etc.): 8. Office address: PART - B Other information of applicant 9. Whether the applicant has been : a) Convicted : Yes No If yes give the offence(s), the detail and the date of sentence at Col. 13 b) Ordered to execute a bond under Chapter VIII of CrPC (2 of 1974) for keeping the peace or for good behaviour : Yes No If yes, when and for which period, give details at Col. 13 c) Prohibited under the Arms Act 1959, or any other law from possessing arms and ammunition : Yes No If yes, give details at Col. 13 10. a) Whether the applicant applied for a licence earlier anywhere in India : Yes No If yes, when, to whom and with what result. Give details at Col. 13 b) Whether the applicant's Licence was ever : Suspended Yes No Cancelled Yes No Revoked Yes No If yes, when and by whom and on what account, give details at col. 13 c) Whether any other member of the applicant's family is in possession of an arms license: Yes No 11. Whether the applicant a) is an exemptee : Yes No If yes, give description and serial no (s) of the arms held, at col. 13 b) has a safe place to keep the arms : Yes No 12. Whether arrested or involved in any criminal case : Yes No If yes, give details at Col. 13 Attention - please enclose : (1) Four passport size photographs, One to be pasted on the form and other three to be attested on the reverse by a Gazetted officer; (2) Attested photocopy of the address proof i) Ration card / voter's I-card / passport / Electricity Bill / Water Bill / Telephone Bill / Driving Licence / Property (House) Tax / Tax Return & PAN Card; or ii) Posting certificate indicating the residential address of the applicant / recommendation from the commanding / supervisory Gazetted Officer in case of armed forces personnel, Police and para-military forces only; and (3) Proof of date of Birth (Please attach any one mentioned below): Copy of Matriculation Certificate indicating the Date of birth duly attested by a Gazetted officer; or Copy of the Birth certificate issued by a Municipality Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths duly attested by a Gazetted officer; or Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary stating date and place of birth by illiterate or semi-illiterate applicants (specimen language of the affidavit may be taken from the Delhi Police web site http://www.delhipolice.nic.in or from the Reception counter of the Licensing Branch, at Police Station Defence Colony, New Delhi; or Any other proof (Passport / Driving License / PAN Card / Service I-Card for Government employees issued by the Government Department having Date of Birth / Army Discharge Certificate etc. please specify) ___________________________ DCP/Licensing, 1st Floor, P.S. Defence Colony, New Delhi-110049 (E-MAIL : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Paste passport size photograph here M A H R N O J I B 13. If any of the entry in Col. No. 9 to 12 is 'YES', then give details here by writing the particular column no.: Col. No. Detail 11(b) Place where arms/ammunition will be kept - 14. Type of Weapon for which licence is required : a) NPB PB b) Revolver Pistol Rifle Gun (SB/DB) Others (Pl. specify) __________________ 15. Need for the weapon : __________________________________________________________________________ 16. Any claim for special consideration : ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Note :- Against col. No. 15 & 16, the applicant should clearly mention the purpose(s) for which the licence is required - such as : use, requisition, possession, carrying, manufacture, sale, transfer, repair, convert, proof-test, import, export, transport, self protection, sport, display, destruction of wild animals which do injury to human beings / cattle, protection of crops and cattle, target practice / shooting, temporary possession as bonafide traveler visiting India etc. --- PART - C Particulars in case of already acquired weapon(s) 17. Details of earlier weapon(s) held : a) NPB PB b) Revolver Pistol Rifle Gun (SB/DB) Others (Pl. specify) ___________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 18. Previous Arms License No., if any : ________________________________________________________________ 19. Place & route of import or transport : _______________________________________________________________ 20. Whether applicant is a bonafide tourist : Yes No if yes, (i) Country to which the applicant belongs : (ii) The probable/actual date of arrival in India : (iii) Whether the applicant is prohibited by the laws of his / her country from having any arm / ammunition: Yes No Note: A bonafide tourist is permitted to bring into India arms and ammunition for sports purpose and in reasonable quantities only, subject to the conditions specified in Sec. 10 of the Arms Act, 1959 & in Rule 32 of the Arms Rules, 1962. --- PART - D For applicant requiring licence for import / export / transport If the previous sanction of the concerned authority required under Rule 50 of the Arms Rules, 1962 has been obtained, then the copy of document in support thereof should be attached. DECLARATION : I hereby declare that the above particulars given in the application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect at any stage, I am liable to be proceeded against and action, taken under the relevant provisions of Arms Act, 1959, the Arms Rules, 1962, and other central enactments or the law for the time being in force. Place : Date : Signature or Thumb impression of the applicant (Left Hand T.I. if male and Right Hand T.I. if female) WARNING : Suppression of any factual information or furnishing of any false or wrong information in the application form in violation of Rule 51- A will render the applicant liable for punishment under Section 30 of the Arms Act, 1959 and revocation of license as per Section 17 (3) of the Arms Act, 1959.
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