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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Form for Issue of License for Solvent, Raffinate and Slop

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Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs
TitleForm for Issue of License for Solvent, Raffinate and Slop
Document Size82.9 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
PROCEDURE FOR THE GRANT OF SOLVENT,RAFFINATE & SLOP LICENCE As per Notification dated 28.10.2002 the Solvent Licence are issued with the following procedure/instruction. How to apply:­ 1. Every application for a Licence or renewal thereof shall be so made to the Commissioner. Food & Supplies in Form 'A' for issue of Licence under the Solvent Raffinate & Slops (Acquisition, Sale, Storage and Prevention of use in Automobiles) Order,2002 alongwith such information/documents as may be required by the Licensing Authority showing truthfully the particular asked for. 2. An application for the renewal of a Licence shall be made as to reach the Licensing Authority not less than thirty days before the date on which the licence expires. Documents to be attached:­ 1. Industrial Licence Details 2. Sales Tax Registration Details (a) State Sales Tax Registration details (b) Central Sales tAx Registration details 3. Explosive Licence details 4. Details of storage After the receipt of application some more supporting documents are obtained from the application. 1. Memorandum of Article of the firm 2. List of Board of Directors/Partners. 3. Proof of Sole Proprietor/partners/Directors Procedure for issue of Licence On receipt of an application for licence under this Order, the Commissioner may after making such investigation as it may deem fit, issue, renew or refuse to renew a licence having due regard to:­ (a) the suitability of the premises for which licence has been applied for: and/or (b) the need for licence in a particular area/locality and/or (c) any other relevant factor. The licences are granted for a period of one year and thereafter renewed every year by with a renewal fee of Rs.250/- The licencee shall file end-use certificates to the Commissioner. No such licence shall be required for consumption up to KLs per month or less and storage of 20 KLs or less of solvents listed in the Schedule combined. FORM-A FOR ISSUE OF LICENCE FOR SOLVENT RAFFINATE & SLOPT (ACQUISITION, SALE, STORAGE AND PREVENTION OF USE IN AUTOMOBILES) ORDER-2002 To The Commissioner Food & Supplies Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Delhi 1. Name of the applicant : ______________________________________________ 2. Type of Firm) Strike out whichever is not applicable) 2a. Public Limited Company/Private Limited Company, Partnership Firm/Proprietorship Firm/others. 2b. Trader/Processor/Manufacturer/Consumer/others. 3. Addresses: ___________________________________________________________ 3a. Registered Office: ________________________________________________________ 3b. Storage point(s): __________________________________________________________ 4. Name, addresses, telephone of Directors/partners/proprietor(s) 5. Industry Registration/Licence Details 6. Sales tax Registration details 6a. State Sales tax 7. Explosive Licence details 8. Details of storages 9. Use of Solvent/Raffinate/Slop for which the licence is required Sl. No. Name Office Address Office Telephone Residence Address Residence Telephone Registration/ Licence No. Date of issue Valid upto Issuing Authority Registration/ Licence No. Date of issue Valid upto Issuing Authority 6b. Central Sales Tax Registration/ Licence No. Date of issue Valid upto Issuing Authority Licence No. Date of issue Valid upto Storage capacity Licence (in kilolitres) Location Solvent/Raffinate/Slop Tank No. Capacity (in kilolitres) 1. _______________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________ 10.a Quantities of Solvent/Raffinate/Slop for which licence is applied for Solvent/Raffinate/Slop Quantity (in kilolitres) 10b. Material balance for which Solvent/Raffinate/Slop is are required I Process_________________________________(ATTACH DETAILS)_____________ II Material balance of each unit of Solvent/Raffinate/Slop consumed (To be given for each separately) End Products Production Product A % Product B % Wastage Total 100% D E C L A R A T I O N Certified that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and the information as annexures and statements accompanying this application are correct, complete & truly stated, and if any statement since herein is found to be incorrect, I shall be liable for action under the provision of law. Date: Signature :.......... Place: Name : ...........
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