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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Grant of Succession Certificate

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Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of law, justice and legislative affairs
TitleGrant of Succession Certificate
Document Size23.6 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
APPLICATION FORM Form No. 29 A general stamp of Rs.____/-be affixed on this application-cum­ affidavit before executing it to denote the Stamp Duty paid thereon. To The Administrator General, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Sub: Application for grant of certificate in respect of estate of ________(deceased) Sir, It is requested that a certificate in connection with the above mentioned Estate under section 29 of the Administrator General's Act, 1963, may please be granted to me, as the total value of the Estate within the Nation Capital Territory of Delhi did not exceed Rs.__________/-on the date of death. Necessary particulars required for the certificate are given below: ­ 1. Full name of the deceased. 2. Date and place of death. 3. Nationality, domicile, caste, age, address and occupation of the deceased. 4. Full name, nationality, domicile of the applicant, with address and occupation. 5. Relationship of the applicant to the deceased. 6. Did the deceased executed any will? If yes, the original Will and alongwith an English translated copy be attached with the application N.B.: If the executor does not wish to act, a letter to that effect should be annexed. 7. Was the deceased a member of a Joint Hindu Family? 8. Had the deceased left any of following relative surviving him/her : ­(The full names, nationality, domicile addressed and age is to be mentioned) (a) Wife/husband (b) Sons (c) Daughters (d) Grandchildren being children of sons and daughters, who died before the deceased (mentioning parent) (e) Father and mother (f) Brother and sisters and children of pre-deceased brothers and sisters (mentioning parent). (g) Failing all above any relation of next-of-kin entitled to a share in the estate. N.B.: If any of the above relative has a prior right to the applicant for grant of certificate, their written consent for grant of certificate to application should be annexed with the application. 9. Full particulars of the value of the property left by the deceased in the Government of NCT of Delhi, with the value at the date of death. 10. Full particulars of the liabilities against the estate of the deceased. I hereby certify that any probate of the Will or Letter of Administration, or certificate entitling him or her to collect the estate of the deceased, from any court or authority. I _________________________________________ solemnly affirm that the statements made above are true to my own knowledge and I undertake to administer the estate of the deceased according to law in the event of the certificate under the ____________________________ Act, 2004, granted to me. Sworn/solemnly affirmed at ____________________________________ this _________________________ day of _______________________ 2007 before me. Signature of the Magistrate/ Notary Public or Commissioner of Oath, before whom signed and executed with seal. N.B.: The fees are payable in case and deposited in the State Bank of India, PAO-X Branch, Delhi through T. Challan, through Office. Enquiry be made from the office regarding schedule of fees as prescribed.
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