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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Marriage Advance

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Form Details
DepartmentFinance Department
TitleApplication Form for Marriage Advance
Document Size440.4 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
CHECKLIST AND ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA REGARDING MARRIAGE LOAN Q:­Purpose for which Marriage loan can be granted ? Ans:­Marriage Loan can be granted for Celebration of Marriage of Son/ Daughter /Sister / Legally adopted children to regular Govt. Employees of class­II, III and IV. Q:­ What is the eligibility criteria for Marriage Loan? Ans : The Marriage Advance will be admissible to employees for such daughters / sisters who have attained the age of 18 years and sons after attaining the age of 21 years. The Number of advances to a Government servant during the whole service will be restricted to two only. The Second advance will be granted subject to the condition that the balance of first advance and the advance sanctioned for the second child's marriage does not exceed the maximum admissible amount of advance under each category separately. For sister's marriage the employee shall have to produce an affidavit on non Judicial paper of Rs.3/­to the effect that he is the eldest Govt. employee in the family and the sister for whose marriage loan is being obtained is wholly and solely dependant upon him , and financial condition of the parents is such that they cannot perform marriage by themselves. No marriage loan will be sanctioned by Finance Department if the application is received after the solemnization of marriage. Application complete in all respects must reach FD through HOD at least two months earlier to the exact date of marriage. Sr.No. Purpose Admissibility Conditions/limit 1. Loan for the marriage of daughter/sister w.e.f. 06/05/2005 Rs.1,00,000/­or 15 month's basic pay (including D.P/Spl.Pay and NPA) whichever is less, recoverable in 100 monthly installments. 2. Loan for the marriage of son w.e.f. 06/05/2005 Rs.60,000/­or 10 months basic pay (including D.P/Spl.Pay and NPA) whichever is less, recoverable in 100 monthly installments. CHECKLIST FOR MARRIAGE ADVANCE:­ 1. Application Form duly filled and signed by the applicant and also verified and signed by the competent authority of the concerned department along with Agreement Form and Annexure­IV . 2. Date of Birth certificate of Son / daughter issued by one of the following authorities:­a) Birth Certificate from Registrar, Birth and Death, Health Department. b) Attested copy of certificate issued by University / Board or School Leaving certificate (in case of certificate from private school, the certificate should be countersigned by BEO/SDEO/DEO concerned) c) Age certificate issued by the Civil Surgeon on the basis of physical appearance 3. In case of regular employee surety from one confirmed Haryana Government employee on non­Judicial stamp paper worth Rs.15. or Copy of Confirmation order of the applicant if permanent.
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