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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Himachal Pradesh–Department:Excise and Taxation — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Himachal Pradesh
S.No.Form Name
1 Application for Cancellation or Amendment of Registration Certificate
2 Application for Compulsory/Voluntary Registration
3 Application for Enrollment as Sales Tax Practitioner
4 Application for Non-Taxability
5 Application for Registration under Passengers and Goods Taxation Rules
6 Application Form for the Grant or Renewal of Defertment Certificate
7 Appplication for Registration by the Proprietor of a Hotel
8 Basic Information of Accommodation and Tariff
9 Certificate to be Furnished by a Dealer with Respect of Goods notified
10 Challan for Deposit of Entertainment Duty
11 Challan for Deposit of Service Tax
12 Challan for Passengers and Goods Tax
13 Daily Account of Occupancy of Rooms and Collection of Tax
14 Financial Bid with Respect to Tender for Allotment of Liquor Licenses in District
15 Form for Application for Revision to the Sales Tax Tribunal
16 Form for Memorandum of Appeal
17 Form for Memorandum of Appeal
18 Form for Memorandum of Appeal to the Sales Tax Tribunal
19 Form for Power of Attorney
20 Form for Return of Purchase Tax
21 Form for Return of Sales Tax
22 FORM II Challan-To be retained in the Treasury
23 Goods Receipt
24 Inspection Note Book
25 Monthly Abstract of Remittance of Luxury Tax and Interest and Quarterly Return
26 Mortagage Deed for Availing Deferment with respect to Tax
27 Request for a Password for Filing the Sales Tax Return
28 Return Under Rule 7 of the C.S.T. (H.P.) Rules, 1970
29 Value Added Tax (VAT) Forms
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