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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application form for Departmental Examination

Download forms for state: Himachal Pradesh
Form Details
StateHimachal Pradesh
DepartmentTraining and Foreign Assignments
TitleApplication form for Departmental Examination
Document Size32.6 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
FORM DE-I [See Rule 7(1)] GOVERNMENT OF HIMACHAL PRADESH BOARD OF DEPARTMENTAL EXAMINATIONS Roll No. _________________ (To be assigned by the office) APPLICATION FORM FOR APPEARING IN THE DEPARTMENTAL EXAMINATION PART-I (Particulars to be filled by the candidate in his/her own hand writing) 1. Name of Examination 2. Name of the applicant(in block letters) 3. Father's Name 4. Date of birth 5. Service/ Cadre to which belongs 6. Date of appointment to the service 7. Designation and place of posting 8. Address on which the Roll No.is required to Be sent with PIN code 9. Whether the appointment to the service is on Probation or on officiating or substantive capacity 10. No. of chances already availed with session(s) Year(s) of examination and Roll No. Session Year Roll No. 11. Papers already passed giving notification(s) and date(s) Papers Notification No. And date 12. Papers which are being offered for examination : Sl.No. Paper(s) Sl.No. Papers(s) 1. 8. 2. 9. 3. 10. 4. 11. 5. 12. 6. 13. 13. Have you ever been disqualified ? If yes, Roll No. Yes/ No. Session, Name of Authority and nature of disqualification I solemnly declare that the information given by me in this application form is correct and true and nothing has been concealed or suppressed and that in the event of any of the statement being found incorrect or false, I shall be liable to punishment as envisaged under rule 17 of the Departmental Examinations Rules, 1976, I certify that I have read the rules and the instructions very carefully before filling in the form. Signature of candidate Space for affixing passport size photograph Place : ________________ Date : ________________ PART - II (For use in the office/ Deptt. To which the officer belongs) Certified that Shri/ Shrimati/ Miss/ Dr. _____________________________________ is eligible to appear in ___________________________ examination under the appropriate service rules read with Departmental Examinations Rules, 1976. Note : The above certificate shall be issued only by Head of Department or authorized officer by him. Signature _________________ Name ____________________ Designation _______________ Seal _____________________ Place : ________________ Date : ________________ PART - III (For office use only) The application of the officer has been examined. He/ She is eligible/ not eligible/ eligible subject to production of the following : Dealing Assistant/ Clerk Superintendent Secretary PART - IV GENERAL INSTRUCTONS Note : The candidate must carefully study the following instructions, failure to observe any instruction will render him liable to such punishment as the Board may impose : 1. The candidate will only be admitted to the examination hall on the production and delivery of admission card. 2. No. Candidate shall be admitted to the examination hall half-an-hour after the commencement of the paper. 3. The candidate must bring his own pen and ink. 4. The candidate must write answer in his own hand in ink. In no circumstances will he/she be allowed the help of amanuensis (scribe) to write answer from him/her. An amanuensis is permissible only in case of blind candidate or candidates permanently disabled from writing. Such candidate must submit application on ordinary paper with proper medical certificate for amanuensis to the Secretary with the application form for appearing in the examination. 5. The answers must not be written in pencil or ball pen. 6. The candidate must write his/ her roll number on the write hand side of the answer sheet and not his/her name in the space provided for the purpose on every answer book and continuation answer sheet(s) he/she uses. 7. The candidate must not write any irrelevant matter i.e.anything other than the actual answer to questions, in the answer book. 8. The candidate must not write such things in the answer book which may give his/her identity. Even in paper of criminal case or revenue case while atmpting judgements or orders, the candidates should not give his/ her name or designation or his/her posting. 9. No.candidate shall copy from the papers of any other candidate nor permit his/her own paper to be copied, nor give, nor attempt to give, nor obtain, nor attempt to obtain irregular assistance of any description. 10. No.candidate shall leave the examination hall without prior permission of the Superintendent of examination. No candidate shall be permitted to leave the hall until one and half hours have elapsed after the commencement of the examination. 11. The candidate must observe silence in the examination hall. 12. The candidate must not smoke in the hall. 13. If it is discovered at any stage that the candidate has made any wrong statement in his admission form he/she will be responsible for the consequences involving cancellation of his/ her candidature and disciplinary action, and the decision of the board shall be binding on the candidate. 14. No candidate shall appear in the paper which has not been entered in his/ her admission card unless previous permission has been obtained from the Secretary, if a candidate appears in papers other than mentioned in his/her admission card his/her answer books are liable to be cancelled. 15. If candidate does not receive his/her roll number in time, he/she must enquire from the Secretary about the same and give his/her full address(if there is change in address) failing which it will not be the responsibility of the board to confirm its receipt by the candidate. 16. Before submitting his/her application for, candidate must make sure that he/she is eligible to appear in the examination according to the rules. 17. Candidature of a candidate can be cancelled at any stage for any discrepancy regarding eligibility etc.that may be found even after the issue of roll number without any liability on the part of the board. 18. The incomplete forms, forms without passport size photographs and forms not filled in properly are liable to be rejected outright. 19. While making correspondence with the board, the candidate must give his/her roll number and the name of examination and month/ year of examination. GOVERNMENT OF HIMACHAL PRADESH BOARD OF DEPARTMENTAL EXAMINATIONS PART-V ADMISSION CARD TO BE FILLED BY THE CANDIDATE Roll No. ________________ (To be assigned by the office) (The candidate will be admitted to the examination hall on production and delivery of his admission card) Admit ________________________________ son/ daughter of Sh. ____________________________ (designation) ___________________________ to the IAS/ HPAS/ IFS/ HPFS/ Tehsildars/ Naib Tehsildar, Other Gazetted Officers. Departmental Examination to be held in __________________________ on the dates as given in the date sheet at centre of examination ____________________________ in the papers mentioned below : Signature of candidate Secretary, H.P.Board of Departmental Examination, Fairlawns, Shimla - 171012. ( To be filled by the candidate) Sl.No. Paper 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Space for affixing passport size photograph
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