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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Challan 281

IT Form Details
Dept.Income Tax
DescriptionFor depositing TDS/TCS by company or non company deductee
size30.4 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)

Printed from www.taxmann.com * Important : Please see notes overleaf before filling up the challan T.D.S./TCS TAX CHALLAN Single Copy (to be sent to the ZAO) CHALLAN NO./ Tax Applicable (Tick One)* Assessment Year ITNS TAX DEDUCTED/COLLECTED AT SOURCE FROM - 281 (0020) COMPANY (0021) NON-COMPANY DEDUCTEES DEDUCTEES Tax Deduction Account No. (T.A.N.) Full Name Complete Address with City & State Tel. No. Pin Type of Payment Code * (Tick One) (Please see overleaf) TDS/TCS Payable by Taxpayer (200) FOR USE IN RECEIVING BANK TDS/TCS Regular Assessment (Raised by I.T. Deptt.) (400) DETAILS OF PAYMENTS Amount (in Rs. Only) Income Tax Debit to A/c / Cheque credited on Surcharge - - Education Cess D D M M Y Y Interest Penalty Total SPACE FOR BANK SEAL Total (in words) CRORES LACS THOUSANDS HUNDREDS TENS UNITS Paid in Cash/Debit to A/c /Cheque No. Dated Drawn on (Name of the Bank and Branch) Date: Signature of person making payment Rs. Taxpayers Counterfoil (To be filled up by taxpayer) SPACE FOR BANK SEAL TAN Received from (Name) Cash/ Debit to A/c /Cheque No. For Rs. Rs. (in words) drawn on (Name of the Bank and Branch) Company/Non-Company Deductees on account of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)/Tax Collected at Source (TCS) from____(Fill up Code) (Strike out whichever is not applicable) for the Assessment Year - Rs. Printed from www.taxmann.com *NOTES 1. Please note that quoting false TAN may attract a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- as per section 272BB of I.T. Act, 1961. 2. Use a Separate Challan for each Nature (Type) of Payment. The relevant Codes are: Section Nature of Payment Code 192 Payment to Govt. Employees other than Union Government Employees 9 2 A 192 Payment of Employees other than Govt. Employees 9 2 B 193 Interest on securities 1 9 3 194 Dividend 1 9 4 194A Interest other than interest on securities 9 4 A 194B Winnings from lotteries and crossword puzzles 9 4 B 194BB Winnings from horse race 4 B B 194C Payment of contractors and sub-contractors 9 4 C 194D Insurance Commission 9 4 D 194E Payments to non-resident Sportsmen/Sport Associations 9 4 E 194EE Payments in respect of Deposits under National Savings Schemes 4 E E 194F Payments on account of Re-purchase of Units by Mutual Funds or UTI 9 4 F 194G Commission, prize etc., on sale of Lottery tickets 9 4 G 194H Commission or Brokerage 9 4 H 194I Rent 9 4 I 194J Fees for Professional or Technical Services 9 4 J 194K Income payable to a resident assessee in respect of Units of a specified Mutual Fund or of the Units of the UTI 9 4 K 194LA Payment of Compensation on acquisition of certain immovable property 9 4 L 195 Other sums payable to a non-resident 1 9 5 196A Income in respect of units of Non-Residents 9 6 A 196B Payments in respect of Units to an Offshore Fund 9 6 B 196C Income from foreign Currency Bonds or shares of Indian Company payable to Non-Resident 9 6 C 196D Income of foreign institutional investors from securities 9 6 D 206C Collection at source from Alcoholic Liquor for Human Consumption 6 C A 206C Collection at source from Timber obtained under Forest lease 6 C B 206C Collection at source from Timber obtained by any Mode other than a Forest Lease 6 C C 206C Collection at source from any other Forest Produce (not being Tendu Leaves) 6 C D 206C Collection at source from Scrap 6 C E 206C Collection at source from contractors or licensee or lease relating to Parking lots 6 C F 206C Collection at source from contractors or licensee or lease relating to toll plaza 6 C G 206C Collection at source from contractors or licensee or lease relating to mine or quarry 6 C H 206C Collection at source from tendu leaves 6 C I Printed from www.taxmann.com PLEASE TICK THE RELEVANT BOX AT THE TOP OF THE CHALLAN. SEPARATE CHALLANS SHOULD BE USED FOR DEPOSITING TAX DEDUCTED AT SOURCE FROM COMPANY DEDUCTEES AND FROM NON-COMPANY DEDUCTEES KINDLY ENSURE THAT THE BANK'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING:- 1. 7 DIGIT BSR CODE OF THE BANK BRANCH 2. DATE OF DEPOSIT OF CHALLAN (DD MM YY) 3. CHALLAN SERIAL NUMBER THESE WILL HAVE TO BE QUOTED IN YOUR RETURN OF INCOME.
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