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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30


IT Form Details
Dept.Income Tax
CategoryAll Forms
DescriptionAnnual return of Salaries under section 206 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for the year ending 31st March,_______
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Printed from www.taxmann.com Form No 24 [See section 192 and rule 37] Annual return of "Salaries" under section 206 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for the year ending 31st March 1. (a) Tax Deduction Account No. (b) Permanent Account No. 2. (a) Name of the Employer (b) Type of employer1 (c) Address of the Employer Flat/Door/ Block Number Name of the Premises/Building Road/Street/Lane Area/Locality Town/City/District State Pin Code 3.* Has address of the employer/person responsible for paying salary changed since filing the last return Tick as applicable Employer Yes No Person responsible for paying salary Yes No * If address has changed give changed address in column 2(b)/4(b) 4. (a) Name of the person responsible for paying salary (if not the employer) (b) Address of the person responsible for paying salary Flat/Door/Block Number Name of the Premises/Building Road/Street/Lane Area/Locality Town/City/District State Printed from www.taxmann.com Pin Code 5. Details of salary paid and tax deducted thereon from the employees Serial Number Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the employee Name of the employee Period for which employed during the financial year Total amount of salary, excluding amount required to be shown in columns 206 and 207 (see note 4) Total amount of house rent allowance and other allowances to the extend chargeable to tax [See section 10(13A)] read with rule 2A and section 10(14) Date from Date To (201) (202) (203) (204) (205) (206) Serial Number Value of perquisites and amount of accretion to Employee's Provident Fund Account as per Annexure Amount of allowances and perquisites claimed as exempt and not included in columns 206 and 207 Total of columns 205, 206 and 207 Total deductions under section 16(i), 16(ii) and 16(iii) (specify each deduction separately) Income chargeable under the head "Salaries" (Column 209 minus 210) (201) (207) (208) (209) (210) (211) Printed from www.taxmann.com Serial Number Income (including loss from house property) under any head other than income under the head "Salaries" offered for TDS [Section 192(2B)] Gross total income (Total of columns 211 and 212) Amount deductible under section 80G in respect of donations to certain funds, charitable institutions Amount deductible under section 80GG in respect of rents paid Amount deductible under any other provision of Chapter VI-A (indicate relevant section and amount deducted) (201) (212) (213) (214) (215) (216) Serial Number Total amount deductible under Chapter VI-A (total of columns 214, 215 and 216) Total taxable income (Column 213 minus column 217) Income-tax on total income Income-tax rebate under section 88 on life insurance premium, contribution to provident fund etc. (See Note 5) Income-tax Rebate under section 88B (201) (217) (218) (219) (220) (221) Printed from www.taxmann.com Serial Number Income-tax Rebate under section 88C Income-tax Rebate under section 88D Total Income-tax payable (column 219 minus total of columns 220, 221, 222 and 223 including surcharge and education cess Income-tax relief under section 89, when salary etc. is paid in arrear or in advance Net tax payable (column 224 minus column 225) (201) (222) (223) (224) (225) (226) Serial Number Tax deducted at source - Income- tax Surcharge Education cess Total income-tax deducted at source (Total of columns 227, 228 and 229) Tax payable/refundable (Difference of columns 226 and 230) Remark (See Notes 6 and 7) (201) (227) (228) (229) (230) (231) (232) 6. Details of tax deducted and paid to the credit of the Central Government. S. No. TDS Rs. Surcharge Rs. Education Cess Interest Rs. Others Rs. Printed from www.taxmann.com (233) (234) (235) (236) (237) (238) S. No. Total tax deposited Rs. (234+235+236+237+238) Cheque/DD No. (if any) BSR Code Date on which tax deposited Transfer voucher/challan serial No.2 Whether TDS deposited by book entry? Yes/No3 (233) (239) (240) (241) (242) (243) (244) 7. I certify that : (i) the above return consists of ____________ pages serially numbered from ___________to ____________ and furnishes the prescribed particulars in respect of _______________ (given number) employees; (ii) the above return contai
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