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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Government Provident Fund (GPF) Withdrawal

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Form Details
StateJammu and Kashmir
TitleApplication Form for Government Provident Fund (GPF) Withdrawal
Document Size15.1 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
G.P.S. 90/97-1,00,000 GP-FORMII FORM FOR GPF WITHDRAWL Department _______________________________ Office ________________________ ORDER 1. Sanction is hereby accorded under rule __________________of______________ To the grant of an advance of Rs,_____________(Rupees)__________________) To Shri __________________________________________ from his G.P. Fund account No. _________________________ to enable him to defray expenses on 2. The advance will be recovered in __________________ monthly installment of Rs.____________________. Commencing from the salary for the month of __________________________ payable in ______________________________ a sum of Rs. _____________ (Rupees) ___________________________) out advance of Rs. ____________________ sanctioned in ____________________ and paid to him/her in _________________________ will be outstanding till the commencement of the recovery of the consolidated amount as specified below: -This amount together with the advance now sanctioned aggregating to Rs ______ recovered in _______________ monthly installments of Rs. ________________ each commencing from the salary for the month of _________________ payable 3. The balance at the credit of Shri ___________________as on ________________ is detailed below: ­ 1. Balance as per account slip for the year Rs. ____________________ 2. Subsequent deposits and refunds of advance at rate __________ P.M. from _________ to Rs. ____________________ III. Total of Col. I and II Rs. ____________________ IV. Subsequent withdrawals, if any Rs. ____________________ V. Balance as on the date of sanction Col. (III) Minus (IV) Rs. ____________________ Sanctioning Authority
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