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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Jharkhand–Department:Commercial Taxes Department — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Jharkhand
S.No.Form Name
1 Amendment in Registration Certificate (for Additional Places of Business)
2 Annual Return with Annexures
3 Application for Cancellation for Registration Certificate
4 Application for Cancellation of Registration Certificate
5 Application for Certificate for Non-deduction of Tax form Bills
6 Application for Condonation for Delay for Filing Appeal
7 Application for Deferment of Tax under Jharkhand VAT Act, 2005
8 Application for Enrolment of Sales Tax Practitioner
9 Application for Grant of Installment for Payment of Tax
10 Application for Obtaining Declaration for Transport of Certain Goods
11 Application for Provisional Refund under Rule 19(2)(b), 19(7), 19(8) and 19(10) of Jharkhand VAT
12 Application for Refund of Amount Forfeited u/s 48 of VAT Act, 2005
13 Application for Refund under Rule 19(2)(a) of Jharkhand VAT
14 Application for Refund under Rule 19(2)(c), 20(1), 21(3) of Jharkhand VAT
15 Application for Registration as a New Dealer Creating their Liability under the VAT Act, 2005
16 Application for Registration for Existing Dealer under the Repealed Act
17 Application for Registration for Presumptive Tax / Composition Tax Dealers
18 Application for Revision before the Tribunal
19 Application for Revision by Commissioner
20 Application for Self-Assessment
21 Application for stay of Recovery in Appeal/Revision
22 Application for VAT Registration
23 Application for Withdrawal from Composition of Tax Payable by the Dealer
24 Application form for ceritificate of cancellation of VAT Registration
25 Application Form for Compulsory Cancellation of VAT Registration
26 Application Form for Condonation of Delay for Filing Appeal
27 Application Form for Forfieture under the Jharkhand VAT Act,2005
28 Application Form for Information/ Declaration to be furnished by a casual dealer
29 Application Form for Maintaining the Declaration for the Selling Dealers.
30 Application form for monthly accounts of Purchase & Input Tax payable including entry tax
31 Application form for Order of Refund of Tax by Adjustment under the Jharkhand VAT Rules, 2006
32 Application Form for Permit
33 Application Form for Refund For Others
34 Application Form for Return by a Casual Trader
35 Application form for Return by a dealer liable to pay Composition & Presumptive Tax
36 Application form for Self-Assessment
37 Application Form for Suspension of Registration Certificate
38 Application Form for Transit Pass
39 Authorisation of STP before the Prescribed Authority
40 Certificate for Non-deduction of Tax u/s 45 of the Act
41 Certificate of Eligibility for Deferment of Tax
42 Certificate of Registration for Presumptive Tax/ Composition Tax Dealers
43 Certificate of Sale Proceeds by the Commission Agent to the Principal
44 Certificate of Sales Tax Practitioners
45 Certificate of Tax Recovery at Source
46 Certification of Registration for Start-up Business
47 Claim for Entry Tax paid in the State
48 Claim for Input Tax Credit on Opening Stock
49 Compulsory Cancellation of Registration Certificate
50 Declaration by a Casual Trader
51 Declaration for First Point of Levy (Part E of Schedule II)
52 Declaration of Business Manager
53 Declaration of Stock as on Appointed Day
54 Form for Availing Permit for Transport of the Consignment in the State
55 Form of Annual Return for Dealers Opting Composition and Presumptive Tax
56 Form of Certificate of Audit
57 Form of Declaration in case of Branch Transfer within State
58 Form of Declaration to be issued by the Principal to his Agent or Branches/Unit
59 Form of Declaration under the Jharkhand Value Added Tax Rules 2006
60 Form of Register for enrolment of 'STP' or 'Tax Practitioners'
61 Grant of Input Tax Credit on Capital Goods Purchase
62 Indemnity Bond for Loss of Declaration Form in JVAT 505 Series
63 Information of Input Tax Credit on Opening Stock
64 Memorandum of Appeal
65 Monthly Accounts of Input Tax including Entry Tax
66 Monthly Accounts of Output Tax
67 Monthly Returns and Revised Returns
68 Notice for Forfeiture u/s 48 of the VAT Act
69 Notice for Hearing Under Jharkhand VAT Tax Act, 2005
70 Notice for Ineligibility of Input Tax Credit on Capital Goods
71 Notice for Scrutiny of Returns
72 Notice of Demand of Excess Input Tax Credit Availed
73 Notice of Demand under Section 46 of the Jharkhand Value Added Tax Act, 2005
74 Notice of Demand under VAT Act, 2005
75 Notice of Suspension of Registration Certificate
76 Notice/Information for Audit Assessment
77 Payment of Tax into the Treasury / Challan under Jharkhand VAT
78 Refund by Adjustment Order
79 Refund Order
80 Register for Maintaining the Declarations in Form JVAT 505 Series for the Purchasing Dealers
81 Register for Maintaining the Declarations in Form JVAT 505 Series for the Selling Dealers
82 Register of Delivery Note by a Clearing or Forwarding Agent
83 Registration Certificate
84 Return by Casual Dealer
85 Road Permit for Registered Dealer (J VAT 504B)
86 Road Permit for Registered Dealer (J VAT 504G)
87 Road Permit for Registered Dealer (J VAT 504P)
88 Security Bond under Jharkhand Value Added Tax Act, 2005
89 Transit Pass Form
90 VAT Registration Form
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