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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application for Attestation of Mark List/ Pre Degree pass Certificate

Download forms for state: Kerala
Form Details
TitleApplication for Attestation of Mark List/ Pre Degree pass Certificate
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UNIVERSITY OF KERALA www.keralauniversity.edu APPLICATION FOR GENERAL EXAM PURPOSE APPLICATION FOR --------------------------------------OF---------------------------------EXAM Details of fee paid: D.D No.----------------------------Dated----------------------------------------­Bank-------------------------------------Branch-------------------------for Rs.-------------------------Cash receipt No.------------Dated------------of FRIENDS / CASH COUNTER for Rs.--------- To be filled in by all applicants (See instructions overleaf) 1. Name of the Applicant IN-CAPITALS--------------------------------------------------­(As entered in the University Records) 2. Date of birth----------------------------------Sex: Male / Female 3. Address (IN CAPITALS)------------------------------------------------------------------­for communication--------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------------------------------------------------------------ Pin ---------------------------Telephone number with code--------------------------------------------------------------­ 4. College of last study-----------------------------------------------------------------------­ 5. Name of the course ------------------------Year (s) of study:----------to----------------- Subsidiaries --------------------------------------------Elective ------------------------Language ----------------------------Branch of study ---------------------------------­ 6. Details of the examination last appeared:---------------------------------------------Centre of examination --------------------------------------------------------------------Register No---------Month--------------------Year--------College study/Private study Select your options clearly. Score off the options not applicable. Fill in the relevant columns 1. ADDITIONAL MARKLIST / RANK CERTIFICATE / TRANSCRIPT / ATTESTATION / DUPLIC ATE HALL TICKET Semester/Year Register Number Examination Center and place of Examination Details of records to be attested Month Year II.DETAILED MARKLIST /COFIDENTIAL MARKLIST Whole Examination / Part(s)/ Semester /Year of the Exam for which mark list is needed Full address in CAPITALS to which Confidential Mark list is to be sent (Use additional sheet, if space is insufficient) References to be quoted in the forwarding letter, to identify the candidate's mark list III.SCRUTINY OF ANSWER BOOKS /CANCELLATION OF EXAMINATION (written including practical as per rule) Part/ Semester/ Year Paper Details of the papers to be scrutinized/ cancelled IV. DUPLICATE DEGREE CERTIFICATE (details of examination passed in each part /Semester /Year) Part/ Semester/ Year Register No Month and Year Centre and Place of Examination Class V.DUPLICATE PRIVATE REGISTRATION MEMO /CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION/ and EXAMINATION Private Regn.Memo No. -----------------Dated ------------for the years(s)-------to-----------Centre of examination ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name of examination -----------------Register No.-------------Month ------Year-------------Reason for cancellation: Place: Date: Signature of Applicant INSTRUCTIONS Fee rates as on 3.8.2000. Confirm current fee rates before remittance ENCLOSURES PURPOSE FEE RATES REMARKS REQUIRED(see list below) (in Rupees) 1.4 Confidential mark list: Higher studies First copy 100 do Each additional copy 50 S.F* Per Employment Each copy 200 Part/Semester/Year 1.3 Additional mark list All courses Each 50 +S.F * 1 year after result 50 1.3 Detailed mark list Per Part/Semester/Year 50 +S.F * 5 years after result 100 10years after result 200 1.2.19 Rank Certificate 25 Official transcript 250 per copy 1.2.19 Attestation of mark list/ Pre degree pass certificate 300 per copy 1.2.19 Attestation of degree/ diploma/ certificate 500 per copy Exam transcript (Proforma/Questionnaire) 1000 per copy Duplicate Hall ticket 50 1.3.12 Scrutiny of answer books Each paper 30 (to be applied within time limit notified) Cancellation of Examination: For each written paper 50 (to be applied within 14 days of the last Duplicate Degree Diploma/ Certificate 200 day of exam attended) Cancellation of exa m and registration * 100 *Only if registered/ appeared for exam Course cancellation for joining another University 500 1.3.15 Duplicate Private registration memo 50 Cancellation of private registration/ unavailed portion without registering for exam 2 LIST OF ENCLOSURES 1. Original Cash Receipt / D.D. for the fee remitted. Name of the applicant and purpose should be written on the reverse side of the D.D 2 Self addressed sufficiently stamped envelope to send articles by Registered Post 3. Self addressed sufficiently stamped envelope to send the articles by post (Registered/ Ordinary /Speed Post) 4. Sufficiently stamped (Registered Post) envelope with the address of the institution where the Confidential Mark list is to be sent. Separate envelope for each institution. Reference, if any, must be superscribed. 5. Affidavit of the candidate on stamp paper worth Rs.25 stating that the original certificate has been irrecoverably lost, attested by Notary Public / I Class Magistrate 6. Recommendation of the Principal /Chief Superintendent of the Examination Centre for cancellation of Examination (written including practicals) 7. Course certificate from the Principal of the college last studied (for Regular college study candidates) / Identification certificate from a Gazetted Officer (for private study candidates) 8. Attested copy of document (S.S.L.C./ X/ XII certificate /Transfer Certificate ) to prove date of birth 9 Original Transfer Certificate and Original Qualifying Certificates / Mark lists 10 Affidavit of the candidate on stamp paper worth Rs.25 stating that the original Private Registration memo issued has been irrecoverably lost and that he has not been registered for the exam, attested by Notary Public/ Ist Class Magistrate 11. Original Hall ticket (attested copy of partial cancellation) 12. Photocopy of mark list 13. Original Private registration memo 14. Sufficient numbher (+one copy)of proforma /questionnaire 15. Private Registration form duly filled in 16. Original qualifying certificate 17. Hall ticket form duly filled in duplicate 18. Original mark list / Certificate issued 19. Photocopy of the mark lists and certificates APPLY TO The Registrar------------------For obtaining Attestation of documents The Deputy Registrar, Exams III-----For other services relating to------Private Registration The Deputy Registrar, Exams II-------"----------------------------------Pre degree & B.Com degree Exams.(Annual Exams). The Deputy Registrar, Exams I--------" ---------------------------------B.A /B.Sc degree exams (Annual Exams) The Deputy Registrar, Exams IV------" ---------------------------------M.A /M.Sc /M.Com/MSW /M.Phil courses The Deputy Registrar, Exams VI -----"----------------------------------All professional courses including B.A./ B.Sc./B.Com (Re structure/ Vocational/ Semester Courses) Office address: University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.695034 Enquiry Telephone:TVM 306422 Extn: 228 305994
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