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Monday, 23 April 2012 15:06

LIC's Certificate of Existence

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Certificate of Existence 29 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)

IPP CELL ________ Zonal Office.
Address / Tel.Nos./ Email ID
Ref : Date :
The Annuitant,
Name & Address
Dear Sir / Madam,
Re : Certificate of Existence
under Annuity Policy No./s_______________
This is to inform you that the requirement of Certificate of
Existence has become due. We are happy to inform you that LIC
has enhanced your convenience by providing the facility for
submission of Existence Certificate to any of the LIC Branch
Office and availing of an instant acknowledgement at the Help Desk
Counter of the Branch without any hassle or else you may submit
the Certificate at the IPP Cell at the above mentioned address.
It may be noted that payment of Annuity is effective as per the
following :
Policy No./s Due Date/s
Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
On behalf of IPP Cell.
(Since this is a computer generated output, signature is not
Policy No/s.____________________________________________________
Name of the Annuitant:__________________________________________
(The below mentioned Form should be signed on or after
_________________ by the Annuitant and ATTESTED by any of the
following :
Bank Branch Manager / Gazetted Officer / Registered Medical
Practitioner /Post Master / School/College Principal / Class-I
Officer of any Government, Semi Government, Quasi Government,
Government Undertaking, Public Sector Undertaking / LIC
Development Officer / LIC Agent (STAMPED ALONGWITH THEIR
I,_________________________________________________hereby certify
that Shri/Smt_______________________________________Son / Daughter
of __________________________________________ personally appeared
before me on __________________ and has signed in my presence and
his / her signature is attested below. I am fully satisfied about
his/her identity.
Dated at______________ this ________day of ________________20___.
Signature of the Counter signature of
Annuitant__________________ Authority_______________________
Address :(Same/New)_________ Designation_____________________
____________________________ Address :______________________
____________________________ _______________________________
Annuitant's Email ID :___________________________________________
Resi.Tel.No.________________Mobile No. :_________________________
The mandatory requirement of EXISTENCE CERTIFICATE after Vesting
as per Options is:
A/G/H/I- Yearly
B/C/D/E- Yearly (after completion of Guaranteed Period)
F- Once every 5 years.

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