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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download lower court legal forms here

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S.No. Form Name Language Size
1 Affidavit of surety for the release of accused Hindi 148.4 KB
2 Affidavit of vendee before Tehsildar for mutation of property Hindi 252.1 KB
3 Application for copy of document from the office of sub registrar Hindi 149.9 KB
4 Application for copy of document in court Hindi 739.3 KB
5 Application for execution of decree Hindi 286.6 KB
6 Application for Income Tax Clearance Certificate English 794.6 KB
7 Application for inspection of file Hindi 357.2 KB
8 Application for inspection of record maintained by the subregistrar Hindi 217.9 KB
9 Application for return of money in court Hindi 402.2 KB
10 Application for succession certificate Hindi 435.5 KB
11 Application for summoning the witness Hindi 508.5 KB
12 Application of surety for release of accused Hindi 140.8 KB
13 Application of vendee for mutation Hindi 327.7 KB
14 Application praying for return of documents Hindi 548.5 KB
15 Bond by accused before the magistrate in criminal cases Hindi 339.4 KB
16 Certificate of search issued by sub registrar English 326.8 KB
17 Form for depositing amount in court Hindi 437.9 KB
18 Form mentioning the address of the party Hindi 342.1 KB
19 General Notice Hindi 357.8 KB
20 List of documents filed by the party in a case Hindi 306.1 KB
21 Notice to be served on the alleged landlord in the court English 268.4 KB
22 Notice to respondent Hindi 450.6 KB
23 Release Order Hindi 278.8 KB
24 Summon to defendent in those suits in which issues are framed Hindi 550.5 KB
25 Summon Hindi 539.1 KB
26 Summons to defendent of those suits which are in the nature of small causes Hindi 626.8 KB
27 Summons to witness Hindi 578.0 KB
28 Vakalatnama Hindi 248.7 KB
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