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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application for obtaining declaration Form-49 for carrying out business in the state

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Form Details
StateMadhya Pradesh
DepartmentCommercial Taxes
TitleApplication for obtaining declaration Form-49 for carrying out business in the state
Document Size58.9 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
FORM 55 [See rule 75(2)(b)] Application for obtaining declaration Form-49 To, The Commercial Tax Officer, __________________ ______________ Sir, *I/we__________________am /are carrying on business under the name and style of __________________ situated at ________________(city / town/village) ___________Tehsil___________ District and holding TIN_______________________ under the Madhya Pradesh Vat Act, 2002. 1. I/We request that ______ (number) books of declaration Form 49 containing 25/*50 forms in triplicate/*loose____ forms be supplied to *me/us, the fee for which *I/We have paid vide Challan /MPTC receipt No.__________ Date ____________for Rs..____. 2. *I/We declare that *my/our TIN mentioned above is in force and has not been cancelled till this date. *Signature of the Proprietor/ Manager/Secretary of the Company/partner of the firm Received____________Books containing form No. from____to ___________ Signature of the dealer or his authorized representative *Strike out whichever is not required. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF FORM 55 Received application for issuance of ________ (number) Form 49 along with challan /MPTC receipt No.__________Date__________for Rs..________from M/s. __________________ TIN__________on dated __________ at __________ (time). Form 49 will be issued on dated __________ at __________ (time). Seal of office signature of the receiving clerk
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