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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Post Matric/Post Graduate State Merit Scholarship (Renewal)

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Form Details
DepartmentEducation Department
TitleApplication Form for Post Matric/Post Graduate State Merit Scholarship (Renewal)
Document Size21.4 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
To The Director (Manpower Development), North Eastern Council, Shillong-793001. Sub: Renewal of stipend. Sir, With reference to the subject cited above, I beg to request you kindly to renew my stipend/book-grant for the period from ________ to __________ Necessary information is furnished below :­ i) I received an amount of Rs.___________ being NEC stipend and book-grant for the period from _______________to ______________. ii) I am not in receipt of financial assistance from any other source (This does not apply to National/ State Merit Scholarships). iii) I have passed___________ Semester/ Year and I have now been promoted to ______ Semester/ Year (Attested copy of Mark-sheet is enclosed). iv) The original date of commencement of the course was _______________ and the normal date of completion of the course is ___________. The course is a One/ Two/ Three/ Four/ Four and Half/ Five year Course (Cross whichever is not applicable). The information given here should tally with that given the original application for stipend and book-grant failing which the application is liable to be rejected. v) I have not failed/ not been detained in ____________ term semester/ year. vi) All above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. If any information given here is found to be false I undertake to refund any amount of stipend and book-grant given to me for the period in which I have failed/been detained and would be liable for any other action under the law of the land. Yours faithfully, Signature and Full name of the candidate with present address. Date__________________ PARTICULARS TO BE FILLED IN BY THE HEAD OF INSTITUTION (CANDIDATE SHOULD NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THIS SECTION) 1. This is to certify that Shri/Smti./Kum.______________________________________ ________________________ , a student of this Institute studying______________________ Course (Specify subject) is promoted /passed to ____________________________ (Name of the semester/year) and the information furnished by him/ her is correct. Recommended for renewal of stipend. (Signature) Principal/Registrar/Dean or any Other officer authorised to Certify. Date____________ ( S E A L) 2. EXTENSION* Shri/ Smti._____________________________ is a scholar in this Institution and is studying _____________________________ Course. He/ She was admitted to this course on __________ . The Institution / University was unable to complete the stipulated course of study within the specified time period due to_____________________________ reasons. I confirm that Shri/ Smti.________________________________________ has not failed/ detained in any of the examinations. Extension sought for is not due to any fault of the candidate. Recommended, therefore, the extension of stipend be granted up to _________. (Signature) Principal/Registrar/Dean or any Other Officer authorised to Certify. Date____________ ( S E A L) *Strike out if not applicable IMPORTANT 1. If the candidate is unsuccessful/failed during his/her course of study and is detained in the same class, his/her renewal case will not be considered under any circumstances. 2. Research student must submit a Progress Report from his/her Guide/Supervisor. 3. FOR FINAL YEAR RENEWAL, HEADS OF INSTITUTIONS ARE REQUESTED TO KINDLY INDICATE THE DEEMED DATE OF COMPLETION OF THE COURSE. 4. All correspondence should be made with the Director (Manpower Development), North Eastern Council, Shillong-793001.
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