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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application for Electricity Connection(Domestic General)

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Form Details
DepartmentGeneral Administration Department
TitleApplication for Electricity Connection(Domestic General)
Document Size13.4 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
DocumentsPDFCompleteClick Here & UpgradeExpanded FeaturesUnlimited PagesFORM NO. 1 ( See Regulations 3 and 15) FORM OF REQUISITION FOR SUPPLY OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY (FOR DOMESTIC & GENERAL PURPOSE CATEGORY) To The Junior Engineer/ Sub-Divisional Engineer , (specify the local area of the jurisdiction of the engineer of the licensee) Sir, 1. I/We hereby request you to supply Electrical energy to the premises hereinafter described. I/We am/are the owner/lawful occupier of the premises at ........... in which supply of electrical energy is now required. 2. I/We agree to take supply for TWO YEARS to utilise the energy for General Purpose/Domestic purposes only. Thereafter Agreement shall so continue unless terminated by either of the parties after giving one month's notice. 3. I/We agree to pay for the service connection and other dues including the security as may be payable and shall also pay the charges, surcharges, electricity duty in accordance with the OERC Distribution (Conditions of Supply) Code, 2004 provided that annual sum payable individually by me/us under the proviso Section 45 of the Electricity Act, 2003 shall not be deemed to be part of the minimum monthly charges or demand charges, if any, payable under Regulations 84 and 85 of the OERC Distribution (Conditions of Supply) Code, 2004 4. I/We have obtained and perused a copy of OERC Distribution (Conditions of Supply) Code, 2004 and understood its contents and hereby undertake to observe and comply with the terms and conditions stipulated therein to the extent they are applicable to me/us. 5. /We further require you to supply me/us with the necessary meter/meters on hire in terms of Section 55 of the Electricity Act, 2003. I/We agree to give you such security [as per Section 47(1) (b)of the Electricity Act,2003]as may be required for the price of the meter/meters, whenever called upon to do so. (Strike out if meter to be supplied by the consumer). 6. Plot/Holding No. of the premises : Village/Town/Street : Address for Correspondence : Owned by : DocumentsPDFCompleteClick Here & UpgradeExpanded FeaturesUnlimited Pages(Name & Full address) Tenanted/occupied by : (Name & Full address) Written permission of the Yes/No/Not- applicable/Applicable Landlord/owner Tendered Written permission of way leave (Furnish if required) {Refer to Regulation 8 of the OERC Electricity Distribution (Conditions of Supply) Code, 2004} 7. The following are my/our electrical installation to be fixed in the premises: No. of Points Tube light Incandescent lamp Table Fan/Fan (36 ").......... Fan (48") Fan (56")........... Air Circulator........ Tape Recorder/Music system. Television .......... Mixie ............ Electric Iron ........ Fridge ............ Cooler ............ Heater (for cooking) ...... Heater( for water heating).. Microwave oven ....... Wattage of Total points Wattage DocumentsPDFCompleteClick Here & UpgradeExpanded FeaturesUnlimited PagesWashing machine ....... Aqua guard filter m/c ... Kitchen chimney ..... Air conditioner (1 /1.5Ton) ... Geyser ........... Pump Set ......... Personal Computer ......... Printer ........... Industrial appliance...... Other equipment ...... : 8. My contract demand is ______ KW/KVA The electrical installation works will be carried out by ........................................ (contractor) Date : Applicant's Signature Note : a. Addition or omissions to the connected load/contract demand to be notified to the licensee and permission obtained before effecting such changes. b. The wattage against item (7) above may be estimated as following : (i) In case of non-availability of rated capacity of any item, the load shown below shall be considered for Domestic and General Purpose category of consumers. Item Load per item (Watts) NO. of item Load 1 2 3 4=2X3 Tube light . 40W Incandescent lamp . 60W Table Fan / Ceiling Fan (36 ") . 60 W DocumentsPDFCompleteClick Here & UpgradeExpanded FeaturesUnlimited PagesAir Circulator Ceiling Fan (48") Ceiling Fan (56") Exhaust Fan Music system Television (Portable) Television Mixie / grinder Electric Iron Fridge (Single door) Fridge (Double door) Cooler Heater (for cooking) (according to physical availability) Heater (for water heating) Microwave oven Washing machine Kitchen Exhaust Chimney Aqua guard filter m/c Air conditioner (1 Ton) Air conditioner (1.5Ton) Geyser Geyser (Instant) Pump Set Personal Computer with monitor Printer (ii) Each light point as . 180 W . 60 W . 70 W . 75W . 40 W . 65 W . 125 W . 500 W . 450 W . 1/8 HP (100 W) . 1/6 HP (125W) . 170 W . 1000/1500 W . 1000/1500 W . 600/900 W . 340 W . 45 W . 30 W . 1500W . 2000W . 2000 W . 3000W . 375 W . 120 W .. 100 W . 60 W unless otherwise declared by the consumer, which will be final (iii) Spare plug points shall not be counted towards connected load. The acknowledgement of application is to be made to the applicant.
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