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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30
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GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CPV DIVISION, DELHI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Passport Rules and Regulations Version: 1.0 01-Jul-10 www.DownloadFormsIndia.com Terms of Use i. This document is provided free of charge ii. www.DownloadFormsIndia.com will not be responsible for any of the content presented here iii. There is not even any implied usability of this document from www.DownloadFormsIndia.com iv. This document is not published by Govt. of India or it's Dept. v. You must refer to relevant Passport Act(s), Govt. circulars or seek advice of a qualified lawyer vi. You must check for latest Passport fees with your local office 2 I. JURISDICTION RELATED 9 1. Question: My wife has a passport from Chennai, since she was residing in Tamil Nadu at the time she took the passport. Now we have moved to Delhi. Her passport is going to expire. Do I have to renew the passport in Chennai, or can I do it in Delhi? 9 2. Question: I have recently shifted to a new house. But the house is under a company lease. The house lease agreement is in the name of my company and not in my name. So I cannot provide the lease agreement copy for proof of address. I have therefore obtained a letter from my company, on the company's letter head, stating my residence address. Can I submit this company letter for proof of address? 10 3. Question: While submitting applications at Passport office is it required to produce original documents for verification at the counter? Who are the officers authorized for attestation of photocopies of supporting documents? 10 4. Question: I shifted to Delhi 7 months back from Bangalore. I have to apply for a passport. As per instructions, one should have stayed for at least one year at a given address. Can I apply for a passport at Passport Office, Delhi? If so, please let me know the procedure. 10 II. APPLICATION FORM QUERY 11 5. Question: I have downloaded the application form for passport from the website. However in the column where specimen signatures of the applicant are required it says put the signatures also on the stickers option, which is not available on the net. What should I do in this case? 11 6. Question: Which are the services for which Application Form-1 is to be filled in? 11 7. Question: Which are the services for which Application Form-2 is to be filled in? 11 8. Question: Where can I get Passport application forms? 12 9. Question: Can I submit my forms through Speed Post Centers? 12 10. Question: Can I submit my forms through District Passport Cells? 12 11. Question: Can I apply for change of address, inclusion of spouse name, and separation of surname in one Application Form-2, or do I need to apply in three separate application forms? 12 III. POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE (PCC) 12 12. Question: How do I apply for a Police clearance Certificate (PCC)? 12 3 13. Question: I was recently issued a passport at RPO Delhi. Despite my submitting the relevant documents, there is no ECNR endorsement. Should I submit my passport for correction? 13 14. Question: Which are the countries for which an ECNR endorsement on the passport is compulsory? 13 15. Question: I am a salaried person and Income tax is deducted from salary. What are the documents I need to submit for ECNR status? 13 16. Question: What are the minimum documents required for an ECNR endorsement? 13 17. Question: Which are the categories of persons entitled to get ECNR endorsements on their passports? 14 18. Question: How can I get an ECR suspension? 15 19. Question: I am a Diploma Holder from a recognized Board of Technical Education. Is this sufficient to get ECNR endorsement? 16 20. Question: I don't have ECNR stamp in my Passport. Can I get it on the basis of my provisional matriculation or above certificate issued by the University/Board concerned? 16 IV. SPOUSE NAME INCLUSION 16 21. Question: I got married recently. How do I get my spouses' name included in my passport? 16 22. Question: I got my passport 2 years ago. I got married recently. Should I include my spouse's name in my passport? If so, what is the procedure? 16 23. Question: In a case of Muslim passport holder, whether entry of second wife name is allowed on passport. 17 V. CHANGE OF NAME OR SEPARATION OF FIRST NAME & SURNAME 17 24. Question: What are the documents required to be submitted for a change of name? 17 25. Question: The US Embassy/Consulate has asked me to separately indicate my surname on the Passport. What do I do? 18 VI. EXTENSION OF VALIDITY 19 26. Question: I got a short validity passport under tatkaal, with a Verification Certificate. How can I get the validity extended to 10 years? 19 4 27. Question: I have a 20 year validity passport. Is it possible to reduce the validity to 10 years? 19 VII. ADDITIONAL BOOKLET 19 28. Question: I have run out of pages on my Passport. How do I apply for an Additional Booklet? 19 VIII. CORRECTION OF WRONG ENTRIES IN THE PASSPORT 20 29. Question: I received my pa
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