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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Puducherry–Department:Labour and employment — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Puducherry
S.No.Form Name
1 Accidents - Annual Returns
2 Annual Return Canteen
3 Annual Return Creche
4 Annual Return Shelters, Rest Rooms and Lunch Rooms
5 Annual Return Year ending 31st December
6 Application For Disabled Person Employed Return
7 Application for Grant of Certificate of Competency to an Institution
8 Application for Gratuity by a legal heir
9 Application for Registration and Grant or Renewal of License
10 Application for Retrench Industrial Disputes Law
11 Application for Safety Award
12 Application for the Post of Junior Research Fellow
13 Certificate of Competency Issued to a Person or an Institution
14 Certificate of Fitness
15 Certificate of Fitness for Dangerous Operations
16 Certificate to Specialized Workers
17 Compensatory Holidays Annual Returns
18 Core Return
19 Enrollment to Pondicherry Unorganized Labourers Welfare Society
20 Form of certificate by Principal Employer
21 Half Yearly Return Period ending 30th June
22 Health Register
23 Humidity Register
24 Leave with Wages Annual Return For the Year Ending 31st December
25 Membership Enrolment Application (Tamil)
26 Memorandum of Settlement
27 Monthly Register of muster roll-cum-wages required to be maintained by very small establishments.
28 Monthly Register Showing Welfare Amenities to be Maintained by Small Establishments
29 Muster Roll of Exempted Workers
30 Muster Roll to be Maintained by Small Establishments
31 National Council of Vocational Training Revised proforma
32 Nomination in Event of Death
33 Notice of Accidents
34 Notice of Change of Manager
35 Notice of lock-out to be given by an employer carrying on a public utility service
36 Notice of periods of work for adult workers
37 Notice of periods of work for child workers
38 Notice of Poisoning or Disease
39 Quarterly return submitted to the local employment exchange
40 Register of Accident and Dangerous Occurrences
41 Register of Adult Workers
42 Register of Child Workers
43 Register of Compensatory Holidays
44 Register of Contractors
45 Register of Factories
46 Register of Leave with Wages
47 Register of Wages Required to be Maintained by Small Establishments
48 Registration and License to work a factory
49 Registration certificate of renewal for a catering establishment
50 Registration of establishments employing contract labour
51 Report of examination of pressure vessel or plant
52 Representation of Parties
53 Test Report Dust Extraction System
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