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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Puducherry–Department:Social welfare — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Puducherry
S.No.Form Name
1 Admission into old age homes
2 Admission of students in backward classes hostel
3 Application for admission into the special school for blind deaf and mutes, Pillaichavady
4 Application for assistance for Institutional Services for welfare of Destitute children
5 Application for financial assistance towards funeral expenses of disabled persons who are in receipt of financial Assistance
6 Application for fresh scholarship for the physically handicapped students
7 Application for Grant-in-Aid to Voluntary Organisations Dealing with Social Welfare Activities
8 Application for Grant-in-aid to voluntary organisations dealing with social welfare activities
9 Application for licence for the homes for children and women run by Non Governmental Organization NGO
10 Application for Obtaining Identity Card for Persons with Disabilities
11 Application form for admission in the home for orthopeadically handicapped children
12 Application form for Annual tour to disabled persons
13 Application Form for Financial Asisstance for Medical Treatment For Aged
14 Application form for Financial Assistance to Disabled persons
15 Application form for free bus pass to disabled persons
16 Application form for free supply of Prosthetic Appliances, tricycle, Hearing Aid
17 Application form for grant of 50% fuel subsidy for the vehicles owned by disabled persons
18 Application form for issue of Motorised Tricycle to persons with disabilities
19 Application form for obtaining Identity Card for Disabled persons
20 Application form for payment of Transport Allowance to disabled persons
21 Application form for renewal of scholarship to disabled students
22 Application Form for Technology Development and Utilization Programme for Women (TDUPW)
23 Form of Application for Government Scholarship for Blind, Deaf and Dumb
24 Grant of incentive to marriages between disabled and normal persons
25 Particulars Of Individuals For National Awards For Child Welfare For Individual
26 Particulars Of Individuals For National Awards For Child Welfare For Institution
27 Particulars of the individual recommended for National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement
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