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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Non-Hindi Speaking States for Post Matric Studies in Hindi(Fresh)

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Form Details
DepartmentDirectorate of higher and technical education
TitleApplication Form for Non-Hindi Speaking States for Post Matric Studies in Hindi(Fresh)
Document Size34.1 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
GCPP 141-CT/7 1,000 Cps. 1-11-2006. APPLICATION FORM FOR GOVERNMENT OF INDIA SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDENTS FROM NON-HINDI SPEAKING STATES FOR POST MATRIC STUDIES IN HINDI Passport size Photograph Not to be filled by students of Institution (for use of State Government / Head of Voluntary Hindi Organization) Category Non SI. No. of Application : % marks in aggregate : % marks in Hindi : 1. Name of candidate in full : 2. Full address at which communication should be sent to the student (in BLOCK LETTERS) : 3. Place of birth : District : State : 4. Date of birth : 5. Permanent address in full (to be taken from 1st July) : Period Address District State From To 6. (a) Father's /Guardian's name in full (Guardian name, if Father is dead) : (b) Nationality : (c) State to which he/she belongs : (d) Occupation : (e) Present address : (f) Permanent address : 7. Whether you have been/are in receipt of Scholarship/stipend/loan scholarship under the same scheme (or) : Any other scheme now or even before if so, indicate source of scholarship and period and place of study : 8. State to which you belong? [Please see note below Rule VII (I) of the scheme] : 9. Mother tongue (please give the name of major language and not the dialects) : 10. (a) Are you employed anywhere? : (b) Are you preparing simultaneously for any two courses? If so, give details indicating whether Hindi is a subject of study in both these courses : 11. (a) Name of the Institution where you have secured admission during the current academic year : (b) Name of the course joined by you in the current academic year : (c) Name of the "Examination next below (i.e.) Examination the passing of which is the minimum qualification for admission to the course mention in 11(b) : (d) Did you pass the examination next below with Hindi as a subject? If not, have you passed another examination in Hindi equivalent to 'Examination next below'? If so, mention the name of the Examination : (e) Year and month in which the 'Examination next below' ? : (f) In how many attempts did you pass the 'Examination next below' 7 : (g) Whether you have taken Hindi as a main/subsidiary/optional subject in the course of studies now joined by you if so, mention the number of years for which you are required to study Hindi in this course? : (b) Whether Hindi was a subject in the examination please say YES or NO : 12. (a) Particulars of all examinations passed commencing from Matriculation or equivalent examination (Please state from the Matriculation or an equivalent examination and write in chronological order) 3 : Name of Examination Name of the Period during which University/Board/ he /she studied in Vol.Hindi organi-particular class Sation year and month in which the examination Was held Class or division with percentage of marks Agg. class and marks No.of attempt in passing Examination Hindi Class anc marks (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 3. List of documents attached. The reasons for the absence of any documents must be clearly stated. Original documents should not be sent unless specifically called for otherwise the Government will not be responsible for their loss. Only copies attested by the Head of Institution/any Gazetted Officer should be attached : N.B. : A certified copy of the mark sheet in respect of the Matriculation or equivalent I Pre- University Bachelor/Masters Examination whichever the candidate has passed at the end of last academi year must be attached. If not readily available, it should follow as soon as possible otherwise the application will not be considered. The mark sheet of all the parts or years of one course must b attached. 14. I hereby declare that I have read the Rules of the scheme and the statements made by me in thi application form are true to the best my knowledge and belief. I further agreed to abide by the term and conditions of the award if I am selected for scholarship applied for. Signature of the Student Date : Place : P.O. : District : Stare : 4 15. (To be filled by the Head of the Institution in which the student has secured admission in the current ; academic year) (a) Name of the University/Voluntary Hindi Organization to which the Institution Joined by the student is affiliated : (b) Does the University / to which your college is affiliated conduct the M.A. Hindi Examination?(To be answered only In the case of student studying in B.A./ B.Sc ./ B.Com. courses) : Note : Does not arise as the student is not Studying in B.A./B,Sc./B.Com. courses : (c) In case the answers to (b) above is 'Yes' please indicate whether the student will be eligible for admission to M.A. (Hindi) course of the same University after passing his/her B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. (d) Is your college an evening college? If so, is the student employed anywhere? : Note : Inapplicable portions must be deleted otherwise application is liable to be rejected. Certified that Shri / Smt ./ Kumari......................................................................................... was admitted into my Institution during the current academic year as a regular and full time student on.................................. to .............................................. class. The information given by him/her is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signature of the Head of Institution. Place : P.O. : District ; State ; (Seal of the Institution) Name of the Head of Institution 16. [Applicable to candidates who are in services and sponsored by the Government. Please see Rule IV (iii) ] it is certified that Shri/Smt./Kumari. .................................................................................... if awarded Government of India Scholarship for Higher studies in Hindi will incompletion of the course be employed in-a Post where knowledge and use of Hindi is considered essential. Place : Signature of Sponsoring Authority Date : (Seal)
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