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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application for License of the Punjab Control Bricks Supplies,Price and Distribution control order 1998

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Form Details
DepartmentDistrict Administration
TitleApplication for License of the Punjab Control Bricks Supplies,Price and Distribution control order 1998
Document Size26.8 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
FORM 'A' [See Clause 4(I)] THE PUNJAB CONTROL OF BRICKS SUPPLIES, PRICE AND DISTRIBUTION CONTROL ORDER, 1998. Application for a licence under clause 4(I) of the Punjab Control Bricks Supplies, Price and Distribution Control Order, 1998. To The District Magistrate, __________________ __________________ I hereby apply for the grant of licence to manufacture, sell or supply bricks at _________________________________________________________________________________________________ (here mention the address of the place of business). 2. I give below the particulars of my brick kiln: - (a) Name and address of actual kiln owner. (b) Name of lessee, if any, specifying if the kiln has been leased by the Rehabilitation Department to a displaced person or a local man. (c) Name, parentage, and address of the applicant (In block letters) specifying whether he fails in category (a) or (b) above. (d) Address and details of the locations: - i. Kiln; ii. Premises other than kiln (if any) where bricks are stocked or business is carried on. 3. I have deposited the licence fee of two thousand rupees in the Treasury vide challan No ......... dated ......... enclosed. 4. I hereby declare that all the particulars given on this form are correct. Signature and address of applicant. Dated ...... Note: - Description of 'Brick' according to clause (a) of Section 2 of the East Punjab Control of Bricks Supplies Act, 1949, is as under: - "Bricks" means any piece of burnt clay having a Geometrical shape fired in a kiln.
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