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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Fixation of Pay under Punjab Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2009

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Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of Local Government
TitleFixation of Pay under Punjab Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2009
Document Size7.9 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
(SPECIMEN PROFORMA) FIXATION OF PAY UNDER PUNJAB CIVIL SERVICES (REVISED PAY) RULES, 2009 ADOPTED BY THE CHANDIGARH ADMINISTRATION 1. Name of the Officer/Official : 2. Designation : 3. Pre-revised scale(s) of pay applicable : 4. Existing Basic Pay as on January 1, 2006 with : DNI 5. Date of Option, if any : 6. Revised Pay Band and Grade Pay : Corresponding to the pre-revised scale shown at Sr. No. 3 above 7. Pay to be fixed in the revised Pay Band As per : Fitment table No. ___ / Multiplication by Factor of 1.86, whichever is applicable 8. Grade Pay as per Fitment Table as on 1.1.06 or : date of option etc. 9. Revised Basic Pay (Total of Pay in the Pay Band and Grade Pay) fixed on 1.1.2006 10. Date of Proficiency (whether opted 8/16/24/32 : or 4/9/14) Benefit, if any allowed after 1.1.2006 and higher scale granted in the hierarchy of Pay scales 11. Date wise detail of Revised Basic Pay on the : grant of ACP benefits after 1.1.2006 12. Date on next increment and Pay after grant of : increment Date/Amount of increment etc. REVISED PAY (Rounded off to nearest Rs. 10/-) Pay in the Pay Grade Pay Revised Basic Remarks Band Pay Verified by Head of Office/DDO
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