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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Income Tax Calculation Proforma for Department Employees

Download forms for state: Punjab
Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of Revenue
TitleIncome Tax Calculation Proforma for Department Employees
Document Size17.8 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
PREFORMA FOR CALCULATION OF INCOME TAX FOR TAX DEDUCTION AT SOURCE FOR SALARIED PERSONS FOR THE PERIOD FROM 1-04-________ TO 31-03-__________ FINANCIAL YEAR ___________, (ASSESMENT YEAR _____________) Name and Designation of Officer/Official: Permanent Account Number: Residing in Own House/Rented House/Govt Accomodation: Rent Paid Per Month (Rs.): Residential Address: Office Address: 1 Salary Received During the Financial year including HRA & Arrears Rs. 2 a) Less: HRA permissible (Least of Following U/S 10 (13-A) Rs. i) Actual HRA Received: Rs. ii) Rent paid minus 10% of Salary Pay Rs. iii) 40% of the Salary Rs. 2 b) Less: Conveyance Allowance/Fixed travelling expenses U/S10(14) Rs. 3 Gross Salary (Column 1minus2) Rs. 4 Additional Income from sources other than salary: i) House, Property Rs. ii) Capital Gain Rs. iii) Other sources (Interest from bank/Withdrawl of NSS etc.) Rs. Total Additional Income (i+ii+iii) : Rs. 5 Total Gross Income (col 3 + col 4) Rs. REBATES/DEDUCTIONS ALLOWED (Under Section 80C As Below i) GPF Rs. ii) PPF Rs. iii) GIS Rs. iv) PLI Rs. v) Infrastructure Bonds Rs. vi) LIC Rs. vii) Units Rs. viii) ULIP Rs. ix) NSS/NSC Rs. x) Interest accured on NSC Rs. xi) CTD Rs. xii) Repayment of Housing Loan (Principal Amt) Rs. xiii) Tuition Fee for 2 Childern within India (Full time Education) (Excl Development fee and Donation etc.) Rs. xiv) Others Rs. 6 i) Gross Total of Deductions under Section 80C (But Maximum Qualifing limit to One Lacs ) Rs. Note: Assesses is free to invest in any one or more of the eligble schemes within over all ceiling specified above U/S 80CCC: Any annuity plan of LIC (Jiwan 6 ii) Suraksha) or any other Insurer for receiving person Maximum Rs. 10000 Rs. 6 iii) U/S 80CCD:contribution towards pension scheme of central Govt Employees ie.=10% of salary towards pension Rs. 6 iv) U/S 80CCE provide the aggregate amount of Deductions U/S 80C, 80CCC & 80CCD shall not in any case exceed One Lacs(Max) Rs. 7 U/S 80D: Medical Insurance Self and Dependent (Maximum) Rs. 10000 Rs. 8 U/S 80DD : Medical treatment of permanent physical handicapped or Mentally Challenged dependent with proof (Maximum) Rs. 50000 Rs. 9 U/S 80 DDB: Deduction in exp. on Med. treatment(Own/Dependent) a) Rs.40000 Rs. In case of Senior Citizens b) Rs.60000 Rs. 10 U/S 80 E: Repayment of Interest Loan for his higher studies (No Limit) Rs. 11 Donation for CM/PM Relief Fund 100% and 50% For charitable Trust Notified Religious Place Rs. 12 U/S 80 U : Physically Handicapped above 50% Rs. 50000 Rs. 13 Total Rebate/Deductions Admissible (Total of Col 6(iv) + Col 7 to Col10+ Col 11 to Col12) (Max Rs.100000) Rs. 14 Total Taxable Income (Col 5 minus Col 13) Rs. 15 INCOME TAX CALCULATION i) On First 1,50,000 (Rs 1,80,000 for woman) nil Rs. ii) On Next 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 10% Rs. iii) On Next 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 20% Rs. iv) On Amount Above 30% Rs. 16 INCOME TAX Rs. 17 Surcharge @10% where the total income exceeds Rs. 10 lacs Rs. 18 Education Cess on Income Tax @ 3% On Income tax & Surcharge if any Rs. 19 NET INCOME TAX PAYABLE (Col 16 + Col 17 + Col 18) Rs. 20 Relief on Arrears Salary U/S 89(i) with rule 21A Detail enclosed Rs. 21 Income Tax Payable for the year 2008-09 (Col19 minus Col 20) Rs. 22 Income tax Already Deducted/Deposited up to Pay for Month of __________ Rs. 23 Balance Income Tax to be Deducted/Deposited Refund (Col 21 minus Col 22) Rs. DECLARATION I Undertake to Supply the documentary proofs of the deductions claimed above I Shall be personally responsible to file return with Income tax Department as required under law and also be liable to face consequences for giving wrong information and income concealed if any Counter Signed Signature of Officer/Official with date
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