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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Proforma for GPF Advance Withdrawals Bill(WS & Sanitation Dept)

Download forms for state: Punjab
Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of Local Government
TitleProforma for GPF Advance Withdrawals Bill(WS & Sanitation Dept)
Document Size122.4 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
GPF Advance Bill STR 42-A GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB GPF ADVANCE/WITHDRAWALS BILL Treasury/Sub Treasury Code For the month of _____________ DDO Code Designation : Bill No. Date : Demand No. Major Head Sub Major Minor Head Sub Head Detailed Head SOE Sub SOE Plan/Non-Plan/CSS ('P' for Plan, 'S; for CSS , 'N' for Non-Plan) Voted/ Charged ('V' for Voted) ('C' for Charged) Provincial=Pl Central =Cl Sr. No. Name of Subscriber, Pay and No. and Date of sanction to final payment G.P.F. A/c No. Final Payment Remarks Advance Advance Other Withdrawal Other Withdrawal 1 2 3 4 5 Rs. ____________________ Total Rupees (in words) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature of DDO (with seal) ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FOR USE IN TREASURY / PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICE ONLY Pay Rs. __________________________ ( Rupees ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ only) by Cash/ Cheque/ Draft / Account Credit as under and Rs. ________________________________________ (Rupees _________________________________________________________________________________ only) by adjustment as under: District Treasury Officer / Treasury Officer / Pay & Accounts Officer Audit Register Page ( For use in Accountant General's Office) ________________________________________________ Admitted Rs. ______________________________________ Objected to Rs. ____________________________________ Auditor S.O. Branch Officer For Treasury Office use only Token No. Token Date: For Treasury Office use only Token No. Token Date:
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