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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Property Return Performa for Group

Download forms for state: Punjab
Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of Employment and Labour
TitleProperty Return Performa for Group
Document Size19.9 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
RETURN OF ASSETS AND LIQUID ASSETS FOR YEAR ___________ 1 a) Name of Govt. Employee in full : (In Block Letters) b) Father's Name : 2 Service to which he/she belong : 3 Total Length of Service up to date : a) In Non Gazetted Rank : b) In Gazetted Rank : 4 Present Post held and Place of Posting : 5 Total Annual Income from all sources : during the calendar year. Immediately preceding the 31st March ________ 6 DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the return enclosed namely form I to IV are complete true and correct as on 31st March ______ to the best of my knowledge and belief. In respect of information due to be furnished by me under the provisions of sub rule of rule 18 of the Punjab Government Employee Conduct rules, 1966/rule 16 of all India Services Conduct rules,1968 It is certified that there is no other land/property in my name and in any of my family members name in India, other than mentioned in this return Signature____________________ Designation__________________ Date Strike over which ever not applicable NOTE 1: This return shall contain particulars of all assets and salaries of the Government employee, either in his/her own name or in the name of any other person. NOTE 2: If a Government employee is a member of Hindu undivided family with co-fercenary right in the properties of the family either as a KARTA or as a MEMBER, he/she should indicate in the return in FORM No.1 the value of his/her share in such property and where it is not possible to indicate the exact value of such share, its approximate value. The suitable explanatory notes may be added where ever is necessary. FORM No.1 STATEMENT OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTY (eg. Land, House, Shops, Other Building etc.) S.No. Description of Property Precise Location (Name of District, Division, Taluka, Village, Town, City in which the property is situated and also its distinctive number etc. ) Area of the Land (In case of land and building) Nature of land (In case of landed property) Extent of Interest If not in own name, state in whose name held and his/her relationship if any to the Govt. Employee Date of acquisition Acquires (whether by purchase, mortgage, lease, gift or otherwise and name with details persons/person from whom acquired (address and connection of the Govt. employee if any Value of the Property (see Note 2 below) Particulars of sanction of prescribed authority if any Total annual income from the property Remarks Date: ________________ Signature _____________________ NOTE 1: For purpose of column no 8 the terms " Lease" should mean a lease of immovable property fro year to year or for any term exceeding one year or reserving a yearly rent, where however the lease of immovable property is obtained from a person having official dealing with the govt. employee, such a lease should be shown in this column irrespective of the term of lease, whether it is short term or long term and the periodicity of rent. NOTE 2: In column 9 should be shown a) Where the property has been acquired by purchase, mortgage or lease, the price or premium paid for such acquisition. b) Where it has been acquired by lease, the total annual rent thereof also and: c) Where the acquisition is by inheritance , gift or exchange, the approximate value of property so acquired FORM -II STATEMENT OF LIQUID ASSESTS a) Cash and Bank Balances exceeding three months emoluments. b) Deposits, Loans, Advanced and Investments (Such as Shares, Securities, Debentures etc) S.No Description Name and Address of Company, Bank etc. Amount (In Rupees) If not in own name then name and address of person in whose name held and his/ her relationship with the govt. employee Annual Income Derived Remarks Date _____________ Signature _______________ NOTE 1 : In column 6, particulars regarding sanctions obtained or report made in respect of various transactions may be given. NOTE 2: The term "emoluments" means the pay and allowances received by the Government Employee. FORM -III STATEMENT OF MOVABLE PROPERTY S.No. Description of Item Price of Value at the time of acquisition and/ or the total payments made up to date of return, as the case may be, in case of articles purchased on hire purchase or installment basis If not in own name, then name and address of person in whose name and his/her relationship with the govt. employee How acquired with approximate date of acquisition Remarks Dated____________________ Signature ____________________ NOTE 1: In this form information may be given regarding items like a) Jewellery owned by him/her (Total value), b) Silver and other precious metals and precious stones owned by him /her not forming part of jewellery (Total Value) , c) i) Motor Cars, ii) Scooter/Motorcycles, iii) Refrigerator /Air conditioner, iv) TV sets/Radio sets and any other article the value of which individually exceed Rs. 1000/-d) Value of items of movable property individually worth less than Rs.1000/-other than articles of daily use such as clothes, books, crockery etc added together as lump sum NOTE 2: In column 5 may be indicated whether the property was acquired by purchase, inheritance, gift or otherwise. FORM - IV STATEMENT OF PROVIDENT FUND AND LIFE INSURANCE POLICY Insurance Policies Provident Funds S. No. Policy No. and date of Policy Name of Insurance Company Sum insured and date of maturity Amount of Annual Premium Type of Provident Fund /GPF/ CPF Account No. Closing Balance as per last report by the Audit/Accounts officer along with date of such Contribution made subsequently Total Remarks (If there is dispute regarding closing balance the figures according to the govt employee should also be mentioned in this column balance Dated________________ Signature __________________ FORM- V STATEMENT OF DEBTS AND OTHER LIABILITIES S.No. Amount Name & Address of Creditor Date of Incurring Liability Details of Transaction Remarks 1 2 3 4 5 6 Signature___________________ Note: 1. Individual items of loans not exceeding three months emoluments or Rs 1000 whichever is less need not be included. 2. In column no. 6, information regarding permission , if any obtained from or report made to the competent authority may also be given. 3. The term "emoluments" means pay and allowances received by the government employees. 4. The statement should also include various loans and advances available to government employees like advance for purchase of conveyance, house building advance etc. (other than advances of pay and traveling allowance) , advances from GPF and loans on Life Insurances policies and Fixed deposits
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