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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Rajasthan–Department:Registration & stamps Department — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Rajasthan
S.No.Form Name
1 Adoption Deed
2 Application for Assignment of Land for Industrial Purpose to the State Government
3 Application for Declaration of Power of Attorney
4 Application for Partition Deed
5 Application for transfer of lease by way of assignment
6 Application Form for Agriculture Vinimya Patra
7 Application Form for Bhog Bandhak Patra
8 Application Form for Developers Agreement
9 Application Form for Dissolve of Ancestral Agricultural Land
10 Application Form for Divorce Deed
11 Application Form for Family Settlement
12 Application form for Gift Deed (Daan Patra)
13 Application Form for Lease Deed Less than 20 Years
14 Application Form for Mortgage Deed
15 Application Form for Nyas Patra
16 Application Form for Partnership Deed
17 Application Form for Supplementary Deed
18 Application Form to Release Deed for Legacy
19 Applicaton Form For Adoption Deed(Goadnaama)
20 Check List For Entry
21 Developers' Agreement.
22 Divorce Deed Form
23 Gift Deed
24 Letter of Trust
25 Loan Agreement
26 Mortgage Deed
27 Partnership Deed
28 Proforma for Assignment of Land
29 Proforma for sale of house
30 Release Deed for Legacy
31 Sale Agreement
32 Sale Deed Form
33 Transfer of Authority
34 Will Cancellation Deed
35 Will Cancellation Deed
36 Will Deed
37 Will Deed
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