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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application For Encumbrance Certificate (EC) / Certified Copy

Download forms for state: Tamil Nadu
Form Details
StateTamil Nadu
DepartmentCommercial Taxes & Registeration Department
TitleApplication For Encumbrance Certificate (EC) / Certified Copy
Document Size10.9 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
Government of Tamil Nadu Registration Department Application For Encumbrance Certificate (EC) / Certified Copy 1.Name of the Applicant 2. Address & Telephone No. (if any) Details of Property 1.Name of the Village 2. Name of the street 3.Old Survey No/Sub.Div.No New survey No/Sub divn.No. Block No. Ward No. T.S.No 4.Old Door No. New Door No. Plot No. Flat No/Flat Name 5.(a) Extent of the site Total Extent Conveyed extent Undivided share 5(b)Built up area 6.Boundaries (North) (South) (East) (West) 7.Name of the declared owner Father name 8.period of search - No of years Period from To ..2 In the case of certified copy furnish the following particulars also 9.Name of the executant 10.Name of the claimant 11.Doc. No Year Book & Vol. No Page No Note I: As against column survey No. the Resurvey No.(R.S.No.) or the ground Survey No.(G.R.No) shall be entered. Block and ward refers only Survey Block and Ward. In the case of properties affected in partition Deed details from Column 3 to 8 to be given separately. In the case of Town surveyed properties the corresponding previous O.S.No. /G.R.No. shall also be furnished in the relevant column. Note II: In the case of Copies of wills and Authorities to adopt, copies can be issued only to the executant or in the case of death executant, to any person against the proof of the death of the executant. Note III: In the case of documents filed in Book IV such of powers of Attorney etc., the copies can be issued only to the person executing or claiming through the documents. Date: Signature Here the applicant may furnish the previously registered Doc.No. and the year.
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