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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application for Registration as Dealer Form D

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Form Details
StateTamil Nadu
DepartmentCommercial Taxes & Registeration Department
TitleApplication for Registration as Dealer Form D
Document Size81.3 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
G.O.MS. No.23 dated 12-1-1980* *Form prescribed under the Tamilnadu General Sales Tax issued under the Tamilnadu General Sales Tax, 1959 (Tamilnadu Act of 1959) FORM "D" Application for Registration as dealer (See rule 24) To The Registering Authority, I ----------------------------------- Son of ----------------------------------- Carrying on the proprietary business known I, -------------------------------------- Son of the ------------------------(State capacity such as partner, Manager, Managing Trustee, Director, Secretary, Principal Officer, Etc.,) of-------------------------­----- (State here the name of the firm , company, local authority, corporation, society, club, association of persons, Hindu undivided family, Trust) carrying on the business known as ------­ --------------------- whereof of only/main or principal place of business is situated at room/flat no. ­--------------------------. Name of Building Ward/Locality Road Village Post Office, Pincode Taluk Revenue District hereby apply for a certificate of registration for me/the said firm company/local authority/corporation society/club, association of persons/Hindu undivided family/Trust under section 20 of the Tamil Nadu General Sales Act 1959. 2. The name(s) section 20 of the Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Act, 1959, and permanent residential address(es) of the proprietor / all partners of the business / all members or the managing committee of the society, club or other association / all persons having interest in the business (including the members of Hindu undivided family), age, father's name are as below: a. Name in Full b. Age c. Father's Name/Husband's Name d. Extent of share or Serial No. e. interest in business f. Name and address of all other business in which share or interest is held g. Present residential address h. Permanent residential address i. Signature j. Name of applicant and father's name (Block Capitals) (if the applicant is a body corporate incorporated under any law, particulars relating to the Board of Directors may be furnished) 3. The nature of business (Please specify whether or not wholly/ mainly/ partly importing/ manufacturing / exporting/ wholesale/ distribution / retail distribution / commission agency/ works contract/ lease/ hire purchase.) 4. Give the address of other places of business. a. Address of principal place of business b. Address of other places of business c. Name and address of the owner of i. The principal place of business ii. Other place of business iii. Additional places of business iv. Is there any rental or lease agreement entered into. If so, it written or oral. d. Is the applicant in possession of a license from the Corporation, Municipality, Panchayat or other Local Authority etc., or has applied for issue of such licensees. 5. The classes of goods dealt with are as follows : For resale For use in manufacture 6. The accounts of the business are kept in__________ language and _________ (scripts) 7. The accounts of the business are kept for the official year ending 31st March the accounting year commencing from _____ and ending with ___________. 8. The business in respect of which this application is made was started on (note the date of commencement of business) 9. The application for registration is made on account of processing packaging of goods for sale For sale/purchase on behalf of principals a. Having reached the minimum turn over of Rs.50,000.00 b. Having commenced dealings in goods coming under schedule 1/II , from c. The applicant being a causal dealer / an agent of a non-resident dealer carrying on the business in the state of Tamilnadu/ a commission Agent/ Broker / De-crade agent/ Auctioneer/ other mercantile agent. d. Change in constitution of the business from proprietary to partnership form /from partnership to proprietary ownership from ___ from proprietary / partnership to private limited/public limited company with effect from e. Part/entire transfer of business known as ___________ with effect from. 10. (a) Actual turnover from the date of commencement or date of application (b) An estimate of turnover for the year ending with March 19__ of the business is furnished in from A enclosed. (c) An authorization in Form XI furnishing the name of the Manager the of business is alsoenclosed (d) A declaration in Form IX with regard to the constitution of the partnership is also enclosed 11. (a) My/Our Bankers are (name of bank) (Place) (b) What the applicant has invested in the business or proposal to invest 12. Income Tax Circle and permanent Index no. of the assessee(s) if any. 13. Amount of registration fees and particulars of payments thereof. 14. Any other details the applicant desires to furnish in support of his application 15. The names and addresses of two respectable persons in the applicat's area whom the department may contact to ascertain his standing and status. 16. Whether the application for registration is sponsored by a Chamber of Commerce or Trade of Association, or another registered dealer; the facts mentioned above should be verified and certified to by sponsors ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------­ VERIFICATION I, _____________________________ do hereby declare that the particulars furnished in the application above are correct and compete to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place : Signature: Date: Name: Status or relationship to the dealer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: 1. Where payment is made by cheque, the cheque shall be crossed and shall be such us under the Madras Treasury code is receivable by the Treasury concerned. 2. Strike out whichever is/are not applicable. AMENDMENTS (In the sold Rules From D) 1. In item 2 after clause (h) the following clause shall be inserted namely: His Native place and full address: 2. After item 21, the following item shall be inserted namely: 11. 4 Details of the fixed assets and immovable (Property to be specified separately) owned by the proprietor/ Partners/ firm/ company/ Trust having interest in the business. a. Description of the fixed assets/immovable property: b. Location c. Extent: d. Date of purchase/coming into possession: e. Present value: Signature Name:
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