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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Sanction of Grant Under the Scheme for Destitute Children

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Form Details
StateTamil Nadu
DepartmentSocial Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department
TitleApplication Form for Sanction of Grant Under the Scheme for Destitute Children
Document Size252.5 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
APPLICATION FORM FOR SANCTION OF GRANT UNDER THE SCHEME FOR DESTITUTE CHILDREN 1 Name of the Institution selected for expanding service : 2 Address : 3 Copy of the constitution and the list of the members of the Executive Committee : 4 Date of Registration under Societies Registration Act : 5 Present capacity of Institutional service for children : 6 Number of children at present served : 7 Age of range of children : 8 Boys and Girls or mixed : 9 Type of children serviced: : a) Destitute Children : b) Delinquent Children Committed : 10 Types of accommodation : i Type of Building : ii Average floor area allowed to each child for sleeping : iii Whether cots are used for whether children slee on floor : iv) Nature of Services offered : a Boarding : b Education : c Vocational Training : d Recreation : e Case work service : f Medical Aid : g Other service from of Rehabilitation Services : 11 Approach to organisation of services : a Through dormitories : b Cottage System : 12 Nature of personnel employed and their training : a House Parents : b Dormitory incharge : c Cook and helper : d General Education Teachers : e Vocational Instructors : f Case worker (State Qualification, experience) : g Recreation worker : h Superintendent (state qualification and experience) : i Any other : 13 Existing level of expenditure per child per month : a Food : b Clothing : c Accommodation : d Health checkup and medicine : e Bedding : f Education : g Vocational Training : h Recreation : i Any other : 14 Expenditure on salaries of personnel : 15 Nature of supervision (by paid or voluntary) : 16 Capacity of expansion of services : a Accommodation available for taking more children : b Number of additional children that could be provided with services. : 17 Assistance received by the organisation during last year 1983-84 from : a Central Government : b State Government (Edu. Dept.) : c State Council Welfare Advisory Board : d Central Social Welfare Board : e Private donations : f Any other : 18 Copy of the audited statement of accounts for last three years also state and average number of children present per month during the year : 19 Assistance sought for taking care of additional children : a Staff (State, designation, qualification, pay scale and total remuneration) : b Furniture and equipment : c Accommodation : i Whether land is available : ii Type of building : iii Cottage or dormitory : iv Total floor area : v Average floor area to be allotted to each child for sleeping : vi Cost : vii Amount to be contributed : 20 Any other information :
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