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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

Download Application Form for Mining Lease

Download forms for state: Uttarakhand
Form Details
DepartmentDepartment of mining
TitleApplication Form for Mining Lease
Document Size83.6 KB
Text of the PDF document(for quick reference)
Application Form for Mining Lease Form-I (TO BE SUBMITTED IN TRIPLICATE) Received Government of Uttranchal On........(Date) Application for Mining lease Initial of Receiving officer Rule-22 (1) of the Mineral concession Rules. 1960 Dated the ..... Day of ...... To Secretary, (Industry), Government of Uttranchal, Dehradun Through : District Magistrate, Sir, 1. I/We request that a mining lease under the Mineral Concession Rules. 1960 may be granted to me/us. 2. A sum of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/- being the fees in respect of this application and preliminary expenses respectively payable under sub­rule (3) of rule 22 the said rule have been deposited (vide receipt Challan No. .. Dated ..........of the state Bank of India/Treasury........) 3. The required particulars are given below. i) Name of the applicant with completed address Status of the applicant ii) Is the applicant a private individual/co­operative/firm/association/ private company/public company/ public sector undertaking/unit sector undertaking or any other. iii) In case the applicants. (a) an individual, his nationality, qualification and experience relating to mining. (b) A private company, the nationality of the members/Board of Directors of the Company along with place of registration and copy of certificate of incorporation. (c) A public company[ the nationality of its director, the percentage of share capital held by Indian Nationals along with its place of incorporation and copy of certificate of incorporation. (d) Firm or Association, the nationality of all the partners of the firm or members of the association and (e) A co-operative the nationality of non Indian members. It any along with place of the certificate of the certificate of registration. iv) Profession or nature of business of applicant. v) Particulars of documents appended. Document a) Mining dues clearance certificate Or b) Affidavit in lied of Mining Dues Clearance Certificate, Subject to the production of mining lease dues, clearance certificate within the period of ninety days of making application. Or Reference c) Affidavit when not holding any mining lease d) Affidavit that up-to-date Income Tax Returns as prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961 and that the tax due including the tax on account of self- assessment has been paid. vi) Mineral or minerals which the applicant intends to mine. vii) Period for which mining lease is required. viii) Extent of the area for which mining lease is required. ix) Details of the area in respect of which mining lease is required District Taluqa Village Khasra No. Plot No Area Ownership­occupancy x) Brief description of the area with particular reference to the following a) Does the applicant have surface rights over the area for which he is making an application for grant of mining lease. b) If no, has he obtained the consent of the owner and the occupier of the land for undertaking mining operation if so the consent of the owner and occupier of the land be obtained in writing and be filed xi) (a) The situation of area in respect of natural features such as streams or takes. (b) In the case of village areas, the name of the village, the Khasra number, the area in hectares of each filed or part there of applied for. (c) In case the area applied for is under forest, then the following particulars be given (1) Forest division, Block and Range (2) Legal status of the forest (Namely reserved. Protected, unclassified etc) (3) Whether it forms part of a National Park or wild-life sanctuary. (4) Type and extent of vegetation in the area. (5) For areas where no forest maps or cadastral maps are available, a sketch plan should be submitted on scale showing the area allied for together with boundary, if any, of any other existing mining lease or prospecting license or mining lease areas. xii) The area applied for should be marked on plans as detailed below. (a) In case a cadastral Map of the area is available the area on this map of the village, Khasra number and area in hectares of each field and part their of. (b) In the case of forest maps the area should be marked on the map showing the range and felling series. (c) In case neither cadastral nor forest maps are available, the area should be marked on a sketch plan drawn to scales showing on this plan all important surface and natural features, the dimensions of the lines forming the boundary of the area and bearing and distance of all corner points from any important, prominent and fixed pint or points. xiii) Particulars of the area mineral wise in each State, duly supported by an affidavit for which the applicant or any person joint in interest with him. (a) already holds under mining lease; (b) has already applied for but not granted. (c) Being applied for simultaneously xiv) Nature of joint interest, if any. xv) (a) Does the applicant hold a prospecting license over the area mentioned at (xi) above ? if so give its number and date of grant and the date when it is due to expire. (b) has the applicant carried out the prospecting operations over the area held under prospecting license and sent his report to the State Government, as required by rule 16 of the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 ? If not, state reasons for not doing so. xvi) Broad parameters of the mineral/ore body/ bodies (a) Strike length, average width and dip. (b) Wall rocks on hanging and foot wall sides. (c) Whether area is considerably disturbed geologically or is comparatively free of geological disturbance ? (copy of geological map of the area is to be attaches.) (d) Whether the area is virgin ? If not, the extent to which it has already been worked in case there are old working, their location are to be shown on the geological map of the area. xvii) Broad parameters of the mine (a) Proposed date of commencement of the mining operation. (b) Proposed rate of mineral production during the first 5 years (year-wise) (c) Proposed rate of production when mine is fully developed. (d) Anticipated life of the mine (e) Proposed method of mining (underground or open-cast) (i) if underground, the method of approach to the deposit mineral/ore-whether through inclines or shafts. (ii) It open cast the over Burdon to oregano and overall pit stopped (f) Nature of the land chosen for dumping overburden/waste and tailing (that is type of land whether agricultural, grazing land, barren, saline land etc.) and whether proposed site has been shown on been shown on the mine working plan. Give also the extent of area in ha set apart for dumping of waste and tailings. xvii) A report giving the details of prospecting carried out in the area together with assessment of the ore reserves, geological plans, results of chemical analysis of the representative samples, and boreholes and logs. xix) Manner in which the mineral raised is to be utilized. a) (i) If for captive use, the location of plant and industry. (iii) For sale for indigenous consumption. b) If for export to foreign countries indicate. (i) Names of the countries to which it is likely to be exported where the mine is being set up on 100% export oriented or tied-up basis. (ii) Whether mineral will be exported in raw form or after processing. Also indicate the stage of processing, whether intermediate stage or final stage of the end-product. (c) If it is to be used within the country, indicate . (i) The industry industries in which it would be used. (ii) Whether it will be supplied in raw form or after processing (crushing/grinding/beneficiation/claiming ) (iii) Whether it would need up gradation and if so, whether it is proposed to set up beneficiation plant. Also indicate the capacity of such plant and the time by which it would be set up. b) In case of coal, or other high bulk minerals/ores details of existing railway transport facility available and additional transport facility if an, required. xx) Name, qualification and experience of the Technical Personnel available for supervising the mines. xxi) (i) Financial resources of the applicant. (ii) Anticipated yearly financial investment during the course of mine construction and aggregate investment up to the stage of commencement of commercial production. xxii) (a) Nature of waste water, (eg, whether acidic) if so, expected PH value. (b) The application form should be accompanied by a statement of the salient features of the scheme of mining. This should be generally on the lines of the " Project at a Glance" giving mining feasibility report including features relating to the protection of environment. I/We do hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are correct and am/are ready to furnish any other details including accurate plans and security deposit, as may be required by you. Place: Yours faithfully, Date: Signature of the applicant
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