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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:West Bengal–Department:Unspecified — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: West Bengal
S.No.Form Name
1 Acknowledgement - Form A2
2 Application for Grant of Permission to Sell Non-Standard Fertilisers
3 Application for Permission to make Payment of Tax at Compounded Rate on Sales of Lottery Ticket
4 Application for Renewal of the Certificate of Registration to Carry on the Business of Selling Fertilisers in Retail/ Wholesale for Industrial use
5 Application for the Appointment of Sales Agents
6 Application Form for Grant of Retail License Individual
7 Application form for Grant of Retail License Other than Individual
8 Application Form for Registration under Seed Certification Programme
9 Application to be Obtain a Certificate of Manufacture of Physical/Granulated Mixture of Fertilisers Renewal
10 Application to Obtain a Certificate of Manufacture for Special Mixture
11 Certificate of Deduction from Payment for Execution of Works Contract
12 Certificate of Registration to Carry on the Business of Selling Fertilisers
13 Declaration in Respect of the Manager and all Other Officers under Section 98
14 Declaration of a Broker Member in Respect of Private Treay Sales of Tea at Auction
15 Emblem
16 Form for Cash/Credit Memorandum to be Issued by the Dealer/Manufacturer/Importer/Pool Handling Agency to the Purchaser of Fertilisers
17 Form for Stock Register
18 Form of Application to Obtain Dealer's (Industrial) Certificate of Registration
19 Licenses for the Transport of Arms or Ammunitions
20 Memorandum of Intimation - Form A1
21 Memorandum/Application of the Commissioner for Revision 1 (under Section 82 (3)/Review under section 82(5)
22 Problem Diagnosis and Advisory Service
23 Sales Tax Form - 25
24 Statement of Issue of Declaration Forms Received on the Previous Occasion
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