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Friday, 08 July 2011 13:33

MCA Project & BTech Training Opportunities with Download Forms India

Download Forms India is happy to announce that we’ve restarted accepting students for MCA/IT Project of various duration.

For furthering our network of sites we need support in the field of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is an advanced field in the area of Computer Sciences which ultimately results in increasing visitor and sale counts at targeted websites. For more information about SEO please read the Wikipedia article on SEO.

Any student/working person who is interested in learning SEO and in getting work experience in SEO field is welcome to join this programme.

You’ll get an opportunity to work on SEO aspects of following sites(there are many more):

Download Forms India

Utilities India

India Customer Care

Payment Gateways India

Frequently Asked Questions

→You must agree our Terms & Conditions for doing IT Project

  1. I want to join this programme what is the eligibility and duration?

    There isn’t. It is open to anybody in the world.

    The duration will be minimum of 3 months and there is no maximum duration specified. It all depends on you.

  2. What will I supposed to do? Will I be getting any training from you?

    You’ll need to work on SEO for the network of sites we run. You’ll need to have computer and internet access and then you can start as per our directions. We’ll not give any sort of training or course material, nor any infrastructure support are we going to provide. However we’ll be monitoring and mentoring you on Email, Chat or Phone. In short you can work from anywhere in the world.

  3. If everything I’ll need to arrange and do then why do I join your programme?

    First you’ll get a real time experience of working on a .com project and you’ll get a superb learning. Secondly SEO field is quite advanced and has unlimited opportunities and excellent job prospects. You’ll learn about exciting technologies as to how search engines like Google, Yahoo etc work, how to increase the worth of website, how to make a website popular etc. Third the precious guidance and direction you get from our experienced professionals is priceless for your career. Finally a certificate of work, acknowledging your work at our site, all the times.

  4. Is there going to be a fee?

    Yes. Rs. 4900 one time non-refundable.

  5. When we work free of cost for you then why further fee?

    We don’t want this fee. Initially there wasn’t. But there are some students who will leave the work without notice, in midway leaving some works incomplete and not even bothering to inform us of their decision. Our developers too spend their valuable time and it’ll be complete waste of our time and money in such cases. This fee shows your seriousness and sincerity in applying for project work, more than anything else. And if you leave in the midway, we won’t feel cheated.

    For simplicity we’ve made this fees as non-refundable.

  6. Can you tell us briefly what are topics we’ll need to work on?

    SEO field is vast. But still we’d like to give you some idea:

    • Working on on-site optimization techniques
    • Backlink building
    • Article writing and submission
    • Directory submission
    • Analyzing google keyword tool, analytics, web master tool and data from other sources
    • Learn about specific of all search engines and work on to improving rankings for each
    • Learning and improving page ranks
    • Identify latest SEO technologies
    • Learn and work of all .com development skills to improve site SEO
    • Learning about robots and controlling site crawl by search engines
    • Doing competitive analysis of other sites including competitor sites to gain inside understanding
    • Learn about various SEO tools
    • Write automation scripts in Perl/Python etc to analyze/extract SEO data
    • Learn all about .Com/Mysql/Apache/PHP/Java etc

  7. Will I get any certificate?

    Yes, we’ll have it uploaded on our site as a proof or you can take a print out for any purpose

  8. I’ve some more questions, how can I contact you?

    You can contact us here. Unfortunately we are getting too many calls and enquiries so we have removed our email id and phone numbers from there.

  9. Ok I’m ready, what next?

    Make a payment of Rs. 4900 , please find the payment transfer details here. And let us know.

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