Income Tax Filing Return Forms

Please find here income return forms for various years.

For forms earlier than AY 2015-2016 please visit old documents here.


Income Tax Filing Return Forms For 2015-16

Please download the suitable forms and instruction of them from below attachment files.

What is Adhaar Seeding

Seeding your Adhaar meaning mapping or linking with other facilities or subsidies like your LPG connection or online EPFO or the Voter Id card.

So if your Adhaar is seeded correctly with a facility that means it is linked correctly with it. This seeding is not done by you but taken care by the third party like your SBI bank or the Election Commission etc.


How to Get Adhaar Card for Non Resident Indians(NRIs)

Sorry NRI brothers - you will need to visit any Adhaar center in India with relevant documents and apply for it there. The main reason of this is because for Adhaar they need to take biometric scan of your ten fingers and also that of your eye IRIS.

Oh but some centers do have some appointment facility so that you first book your time slot, also confirm it by calling at the center and visit there at the right time.

Search for Adhaar Enrolment Centers near you.


Aadhar Frequently Asked Question

How to Check Aadhar Status Online


अपनी रसीद तैयार रखे और इसमें आपको इन दो विवरण की आवश्यकता है

  • एनरोलमेंट पहचान
  • दिनाक /समय (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)

जो कि इस फोटो में लाल रंग के गोले से दिखाए गए है


Getting Lost Aadhaar Id or the Enrolment Id

Retrieving your lost Aadhar No(UID) or the Enrolment No(EID) is very simple if you remember the registered email id or the mobile number you'd given during Aadhaar registration.

So have either one ready:

  • Your mobile number OR
  • Your email id

Step 1:Go to UID site

When you go to Find UID/EID you'll be presented with this screen:


How to link Adhar with Election Card

Recently Election Commission of India has started linking Adhaar with the Voters Id card to prevent bogus Voters in India.

Regarding this you'll need to do nothing and Election Commission will themselve hold the camps in your area in which you can simply go and have it linked with your Adhaar card.


How to apply for Adhaar Card

You will need to visit any Adhaar center in India with relevant documents and apply for it there.

Though there is an appointment facility wherein you can book time so that you don't waste your time in queue.

Search for Adhaar Enrolment Centers near you.

Don't forget to read more about the documents that you need to carry along with you.


Documents required for applying for new Adhaar card

Beyond the following documents you need a filled & signed application of this Adhaar Enrolment form.


For Applying for Adhaar card you need an identity card with your photo and an address proof.



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