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Thursday, 16 May 2013 15:55

Download ITR(Income Tax Return Filing) Forms AY 2013-2014

ITR 1/Sahaj



ITR V Acknowledgement(2013-2014)

Which IT Form to Do I Need to Fill?

S.No For Individual HUF,Individual
Income Source ITR 1 ITR 2 ITR 3 ITR 4 ITR 4S
1 Any income from pension or salary(are you employed?)
2 Any income from other sources (that is which are only from family pension or Interest) - (are you retired?)
3 Income or Losses from Other Sources (You want to show income/loss from stock market? Or even carry forward capital loss?)

4 Income or Losses from your House Property

5 Capital Gain or Loss when you sell a property or investment


If you're a partner in a partnership firm

7 Income from profession or proprietary business

8 Income from presumptive business

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