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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:30

State:Puducherry–Department:Commercial taxes — Select forms to download...

Download forms for state: Puducherry
S.No.Form Name
1 Annual Return [For Dealers under Section 3(2) or 5]
2 Appeal to the Tax Board
3 Application by a Person who Carries Business Temporarily for a Period not Exceeding 120 Days
4 Application for Amendment in the Registration Certificate
5 Application for Condonation of Delay
6 Application for Grant of Installments
7 Application For Issuance Of Branch Certificate
8 Application for Issue of Duplicate Registration Certificate
9 Application for Obtaining Declaration Forms Value Added Tax-47 and Value Added Tax-49
10 Application for Quarterly Return For Value Added Tax
11 Application for Refund by a Person or Unregistered Dealer
12 Application for Refund by Exporters
13 Application for Registration as Dealer
14 Application For Registration(Value Added Tax)
15 Application for Stay of Recovery of Demand
16 Authorisation to appear before a tax authority other than the high court.
17 Bank Guarantee for stay of collection of tax, fee or other amounts disputed
18 Certificate Of Chartered Accountant
19 Certificate of deduction at Source by Awarder
20 Certificate of deduction of sales tax at source
21 Certificate of the Sale Proceeds by the Commission Agent to the Principal
22 Certificate to be Issued by the Principal as a Proof of Deposit of Tax to His Agent
23 Declaration For Carrying Goods Outside The State By Registered Dealer
24 Declaration For Imports By Registered Dealer
25 Declaration of Business Manager
26 Declaration of Purchases within the State for Export
27 Details Of Tax Deduction & Deposits
28 Dispatch Note from Principal to Agent
29 Form For Electronic Refund
30 Form for Intimation of Retirement from Partnership
31 Grant or Renewal of a Licence to Manufacture Cosmetics for Sale
32 Information Of Branch Turnover
33 Memorandum of Civil Miscellaneous Petition (review)
34 Memorandum of Civil Miscellaneous Petition (review) - Form GG
35 Monthly Value Added Tax Return
36 No liability certificate in respect of works contractor
37 Notice for Payment of Demand
38 Notice for recovery of money due
39 Notice For Value Added Tax
40 Notice of assessment and return order
41 Notice of Demand
42 Particulars of Works Contract to be furnished by the Awarder
43 Permit granted to a registered dealer or his travelling salesman or representative
44 Production cum stock register form
45 Receipt for Deposit of Tax/Demand/Other Sum
46 Refund Adjustment Order
47 Return for payment of tax at compounded rate
48 Return for works contract at compounded rate
49 Return of monthly turnover for non-vat dealers
50 Return showing the details of the amount received or returned due to price variation
51 Sale Proceeds with Reference to Order of Appeal or Revision
52 Sales Register(Form Vat -8)
53 Sales Return Register
54 Security bond for payment of tax pending appeal or revision
55 Statement Of Collection & Deposits
56 Statement Of Import
57 Statement Of Inter-State Sales/Used Form Vat-49
58 Statement of Quarterly Turnover
59 Statement of sales against VAT
60 Statement of tax deduction at source
61 Statement of Verification of Periodical Collection
62 Stock Register of Raw Materials for Manufacturers
63 Summons to appear in person and or to produce documents
64 Supplier Registration Form
65 Value Added Tax - Acknowledgement
66 Value Added Tax - Annual Input Tax Credit Statement
67 Value Added Tax - Application for clarification and advance ruling
68 Value Added Tax - Audit Report
69 Value Added Tax - Delivery Note for sales/stock transfer/works contract/labour
70 Value Added Tax - Form for clearing and forwarding agent
71 Value Added Tax - Form of declaration to be furnished by a carrier/bailee or the person in-charge of the goods and records
72 Value Added Tax - Intimation by a Casual Trader
73 Value Added Tax - Memorandum of Appeal
74 Value Added Tax - Notice of Penalty
75 Value Added Tax - Notification of Seizure of Goods
76 Value Added Tax - Order of Release of the Goods
77 Value Added Tax - Refund of Tax
78 Value Added Tax - Register of Delivery Notes
79 Value Added Tax - Registration Certificate
80 Value Added Tax - Review to the Appellate Tribunal
81 Value Added Tax - Revision Petition
82 Value Added Tax - Security Bond
83 Value Added Tax - Security bond to be furnished by the driver or other person in charge of the goods vehicle or boat
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